🕺🏼 Active Male Fashion Icon’s (016905) - All Male Squad!

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🎩 Active Male Fashion Icon’s 🕺🏼

Squad #016905

“Active Male Fashion Icon’s” is a squad for active players with male dolls!

We were open for a long time under the management of the 🐐 GOAT @Rikk, but we are now under mine, and are seeking to fill 7 vacant spot’s which opened up due to some of our long time veteran’s going inactive!

During our golden age we reached the squad box each day back to back for month’s and I’d like to see that occur again and will be working toward that! 🎁 

Also, our squad member’s actively distribute kudos! ✨ 


— Fill up our lookbook slots and shop each other’s outfits to earn diamonds! 💎

— Find and purchase rare fashion items from experienced players!

— Play alongside other daily members to reach the squad box every day!


— Play at least once a week! (I’ll be checking the “last active” and will remove those who become inactive for longer than 1 week!)

— Give kudos each week!

— Only male doll’s!

Here’s my doll Bodhi!

Personally, I get on every day and have a HUGE wardrobe to share. 

Please spread the word to other active male dolls!

If you are a member of the squad, feel free to post clothing items you’re looking for here and we can see whether we can add them to our lookbooks for you to purchase. 

If you get kicked out for being inactive, it’s Kool! Please join again when you’re playing at least once a week!

I do check frequently to see who’s been online, so everyone can enjoy maximum rewards together!



Join my all Male squad - 016905 🕺🏼
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