Big thanks!!

C1ar0uC1ar0u Experienced MemberRegistered Users 136 Posts
Hello guys!
I don't want to look too cheesy but I really wanted to thank everyone who helped me on this game. With advise, gifts, or whatever!
I don't need to say names, you know who you are!!
I just wanted to take time to tell you thanks! ;)
It's really fun to read or speak with all of you on this forum!!
Have fun!!
GC - C1ar0u
Feel free to add me!! :p


  • LuzVariasLuzVarias Expert Member Registered Users 2,707 Posts
    We've been having fun with you, too! Glad you're happy.
    Luz GC: LuzVarias
    Stellan GC: lgordon19

  • BriaBria Experienced Member Registered Users 132 Posts
    Yayyy...good luck with your game. [:
    • GC ID: bria-maria
    • KKH: Bria
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