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  • youngandmatureyoungandmature Registered Users 21 Posts
    Hi. I have just added you on GC. My UN is kismethappens.

    Thanks so much for doing this! It's very generous of you :)
    :cool: GC: kismethappens
  • LyannaLyanna Registered Users 338 Posts
    Hey! Not sure if you're still gifting but it would be great to have more friends on KKH! I'll add you and my name on GC is .Cullen

    Many thanks!
    KKH: Gigi // IRL: Andrew ✨

    Game Centre // .Cullen
    Playing on iOS
  • OsupansaOsupansa Registered Users 22 Posts
    I added u please help I lost all my progress due to new phone ):
  • LyannaLyanna Registered Users 338 Posts
    I've just literally been showered with the most awesome gifts I honestly can't thank you enough! I am so very very very extremely grateful you're the best! I've tried to gift you back but you have pretty much everything! And the odd things you don't have it tells me you're running an older version of the game and the item can't be gifted! Will keep trying though, thanks again you're fricking awesome!!! Xxx
    KKH: Gigi // IRL: Andrew ✨

    Game Centre // .Cullen
    Playing on iOS
  • AshliejbAshliejb Registered Users 110 Posts
    Just sent ya a request (ajp). Just getting started and Id love new friends if you're still adding!
  • kaylinxxkaylinxx Registered Users 2 Posts
    hi, i don't know if you're still gifting but if you are i added you (gc id kaylin_xx) i need more friends too so this is awesome, thank you! :)
  • alyssa311alyssa311 Registered Users 10 Posts
    Hi I added you (Lyss 311) but I don't not having anything to send back. sorry !
  • MrFarbodDMrFarbodD Registered Users 18 Posts
    Still here guys. I gifted a few items to some people. Let me know if you received them. I'm only gifting 1 or 2 items so please let me know if you've got anything specific in mind. ;)
  • Made-In-ChinaMade-In-China Registered Users 20 Posts
    Haii I'll also send people gifts too or if you guys want to be friends add me on GC @: ~Made-In-China~ Also my doll is single and is looking for an a-list stud!!
  • LISSSERRLISSSERR Registered Users 2 Posts
    Aw, love that you're still gifting!! I'd love anything u can send -xo Lissa
  • xPixieeexxPixieeex Registered Users 15 Posts
    Okay will add you. My game name is Pixiee (yeah I keep things simple haha)
    Smile, it's one of the reasons
    the world gave you teeth :D

    A-Lister on KKH

    :pGC ID is xPixieeex add me
  • sgbratsgbrat Registered Users 25 Posts
    I'm sgbrat and we're already friends. you've gifted me plenty in the past, but I am desperately after that brown trench, top and pants for 120 stars. thanks in advance!
  • enajrgenajrg Registered Users 3 Posts
    Hello! My Game center is enajrg. Any gift is much appreciated
  • JNNAJNNA Registered Users 5 Posts
    Feel free to add me; J'ea
  • tessaguintessaguin Registered Users 11 Posts
    i just added you!! thank you! please gift me :) tessaguin
  • Emz06Emz06 Registered Users 1 Posts
    Hi I've added you :) my GC name is Emz06 and KKH is Emily, all Gifts are appreciated! Many thanks in advance :D
  • AilellaAilella Registered Users 3 Posts
    I added you, I hope it went through! Name is Ailella :)
    Any gifts and your friendship are very much appreciated! :D
  • gloglow21gloglow21 Registered Users 3 Posts
    Hi you can add me at my game center: AnxiousAntlers and send gifts too? My game got restarted 😓
  • CarmelDCarmelD Registered Users 12 Posts
    Add me on GC: Carmeldelight123
  • MsLovelyMsLovely Registered Users 11 Posts
    Thank you so much for the gifts! :D Game name: Verena
  • argentinakkhargentinakkh Registered Users 1 Posts
    hello i'm new at this game i'm from argentina need help. thanks
  • josepinillaajosepinillaa Registered Users 14 Posts
    Hi guys, whats up , i'm jose. this is my gameCenter : Josepinillaa , add me gift 4 gift , i'm A+++ .. love you all..
  • Ge3Ge3 Registered Users 3 Posts
    Hi Guys, pls add me GC GLopquita
  • Demij2Demij2 Registered Users 3 Posts
    Hi I have added you on GC. My username is Demij2 and I would love anything that you are able to gift me. Thanks heaps in advance :)
  • NaimonsterNaimonster Registered Users 5,127 Posts
    Do add me on GC: Naimonster
    PM to add
  • JullietteJulliette Registered Users 527 Posts
    Julliette24 i would love a gift
    :o iOS GC ID julliette24 ;)
  • oxFelicianxooxFelicianxo Registered Users 6 Posts
    Added you on GC :) Feel free to add me anyone
    GC ID: oxFelicianxo
  • NewhattanNewhattan Registered Users 2 Posts
    Hey my username is "Newhattan" I have money but I don't have any stars it'd mean a lot if you can gift me stuff which can be buy with stars ! Thanks a lot <3 Added you <3
  • hollyjh20hollyjh20 Registered Users 6 Posts
    gc name is hollyjh20 Thank you!
  • shinmanshinman Registered Users 1 Posts
    add me! stevenhinman, just added you! :) thank you in advance! :D
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