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  • dremoneyydremoneyy Registered Users 2 Posts
    add me!! my gc is dremoneyy
  • NiknikNiknik Registered Users 12 Posts
    Thank you in advance! My GC: n1k1014
  • Sambo_txbabySambo_txbaby Registered Users 13 Posts
    My GC is samanthaotoole321 I'm about to add you and my game name is Sam! That's so nice of you ! I have never recieved a gift so in not even sure how I will know if I have gotten one but I will let you know!
  • Sasha0487Sasha0487 Registered Users 5 Posts
    Hey, feel free to add me, Sasha0487 :) Thanks so much in advance, I really appreciate that <3
  • MelissaFullerMelissaFuller Registered Users 6 Posts
    Hey guys, Add me: GC acc is sowestcoast
  • Bees CeeBees Cee Registered Users 12 Posts
    My GC is Bees Cee :)
  • kkstarkkstar Registered Users 4 Posts
    added u pliz send me gifts
  • itsyourfriend1135itsyourfriend1135 Registered Users 1 Posts
    My Game Center is Zackzagrod I would like a nice shirt for my character with kstars
  • Gabriellawilliams20Gabriellawilliams20 Registered Users 9 Posts
    My Gc is gabriellawillliams < I'm adding you now :) I restarted and wasn't backed up by iCloud😓 thanks for your generosity x
  • ingrid kusumaingrid kusuma Registered Users 9 Posts
    hi add me please
    gc: ingridkusuma
    thank you
  • KykydKykyd Registered Users 46 Posts
    Devkyley add me :)
  • JullietteJulliette Registered Users 527 Posts
    Hey MR FrbodD, you were my husbund so you have to send me some gifts 25level higher hihi thank´s We are already friends, i am Didi in the game
    :o iOS GC ID julliette24 ;)
  • NellyKicksAssNellyKicksAss Registered Users 12 Posts
    Hi, just started playing this game and I love it! Added you, I love presents! <3 My username is NellyKicksAss. :)
  • AkdenizMakisiAkdenizMakisi Registered Users 6 Posts
    I've added u! Please help me! Thanksxxx
    Game Center: AkdenizMakisi
    Game name: Deniz Makigillian
  • EffydEffyd Banned Users 35 Posts
    If anyone else needs gifts, I'm sending entire wardrobes!
    My GC is effyd
  • LStarLStar Registered Users 17 Posts
    GC: LeahCupcake

    Thanks :)
  • rafgaudierirafgaudieri Registered Users 6 Posts
    hi, I just added you.... send me everything.... help me with my wardrobe pls..... tnx xoxo 😘
  • ElvirettaElviretta Registered Users 19 Posts
    Hi! I just added tou, my nick is Elviretta94 :)
  • Alissaxx 14Alissaxx 14 Registered Users 28 Posts
    Hi I've added you my gamecentre is alissaxx 14 , I would like as much as you could gift please
  • EffydEffyd Banned Users 35 Posts
    To anyone who posted here as well, I'm gifting entire wardrobes to people so feel free to add me to your GC!
    I usually gift within 10-20minutes of being added. My GC is effyd
  • karkar Registered Users 16 Posts
    my name is karohsm, i did add you and i hope you will add me back. i would appreciate any gift from you, thanks in advance
  • EstoysaraEstoysara Registered Users 11 Posts
    My gc is neetch_ thank you
  • Lolita LempickaLolita Lempicka Registered Users 10 Posts
    Hi effyd i just added you on GC my name is mayo3pom. Waiting for your help! Thank in advance
  • mizzj14mizzj14 Registered Users 3 Posts
    Add me Please.

    GC: mizzj14
  • AbcdestinyAbcdestiny Registered Users 4 Posts
    I'll add you! Game Center: abcdestiny
  • Zara amZara am Registered Users 11 Posts
    Zara am on GC, send me everything please!!!
  • Carleau2015Carleau2015 Registered Users 3 Posts
    Can somebody please gift me the wedding suit and K Star items?
    My Game Center is Carleau2015
  • kokokokonutkokokokonut Moderators 29,089 Posts
    Hi Carleau, I'm sorry but wedding clothes and hair can not be gifted.

    ANd This thread is very old, and I've been told the OP isn't active/gifting anymore. If I'm wrong, I'm sure they will start another.

    With that, I'm closing this one.
    If you are having trouble DO NOT UNINSTALL THE GAME!
    🦋Purple Headed ♊+ 🥥 Chick Playing iOS & Android 🦋
    I Am NOT a Glu Employee
    🌟If you want my attention please send a dm
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