Sending Gifts to All My Friends!!!



  • MissBettyBoopMissBettyBoop Registered Users 20 Posts
    I'll gift all my new friends today! Welcome to the game y'all!
    GameCenter: MissBettyBoop
  • Lolita LempickaLolita Lempicka Registered Users 10 Posts
    I'll gift all my new friends today! Welcome to the game y'all!
    Hello MissBettyBoop, i added u on GC, my name is mayo3pom. Your help would be very appreciate! Thanks in advance
  • Lolita LempickaLolita Lempicka Registered Users 10 Posts
    Thank you soooooo much MissBettyBoop i really apreciate your help! Nice to have you as friend!��✌��
  • AkdenizMakisiAkdenizMakisi Registered Users 6 Posts
    I added u and please send me gifts. Thanks a lot!
    Game Center: AkdenizMakisi
  • MissBettyBoopMissBettyBoop Registered Users 20 Posts
    Let me know if I missed anyone. Going back through my friends now and it looks like I gifted everyone, but I have like 500 friends so if I skipped you, it wasn't intentional. Hope everyone's enjoying their new stuff! I'm back on full-time mommy duties for a while so I'm happy to send what I can. Helps to pass the time quicker ☺️
    GameCenter: MissBettyBoop
  • Shazell1997Shazell1997 Registered Users 15 Posts
    HI, I added you my GC: allstar1997 Thanks!!
  • SpikeSpikeSpikeSpike Registered Users 29 Posts
    I think mine has been saying I have everything when I don't. When you get a chance could you check and see if mine will let you send me anything?! Thanks in advance :)

    GC: Poohgirl87
    GC: Poohgirl87 :o
  • NoonaluvfoodNoonaluvfood Registered Users 1,252 Posts
    Add me on Game Center: Carleau2015 and my name in the game is Carlo.
    Can you gift me a Wedding Suit and K Star items?

    Hi Carleau2015!

    Actual wedding dress and suits that come with the Marrige gig cannot be gifted. Other items can though! Have fun reviving gifts:)
    Sometimes you just have to roll with it.:cool:
    Feel free to PM :)

    GC: Hey guys can't add any friends, I have to work out an issue I am having with accepting friend requests on GC. Thanks anyways!
  • Fr3SaboyaFr3Saboya Registered Users 6 Posts
    i added you! but my GC is: Fr3dSaboya
    thank you!
  • MillymulantaylorMillymulantaylor Registered Users 8 Posts
    I added you !!
  • kittycatsuzykittycatsuzy Registered Users 5 Posts
    Hi, can you please gift me? GC kittycatsuzy, name in the game is Susan. Thanks!
  • ButterflytattooButterflytattoo Registered Users 7 Posts
    Hey MissBettyBoop:)Love the name btw..added you and any gifts would be greatly appreciated! Looking forward to being GC friends..pinkbutterfly33
  • Dewwy2204Dewwy2204 Registered Users 21 Posts
    Hi! I added you, looking forward to getting gifts! ☺️💕😘 thank you in advance (my name in the game is 💕Elsie💕 )
  • swagkittieswagkittie Registered Users 22 Posts
    Added you! Thanks for the gifts im advance!
    Add Me On GC (swagkittie)
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