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    DMV_Doll wrote: »
    Hi Isabella, Awsome suggestions! but, can u read Vats original post at the beginning of the thread and edit your post accordingly please?

    He's been working really hard to keep this thread clean and organized to increase the possibility of Glu offering the top coveted exclusive items again.

    Some of the options you posted haven't been released yet.

    Oh, I'm really sorry. I'll look at it and edit my post. Thanks!
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    Oh, I'm really sorry. I'll look at it and edit my post. Thanks!

    No prob. Thanks so much doll 😘
    I don't make the rules... I just follow them most of the time 😉

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    Vats wrote: »
    Isabella welcome to the forum, I need you to specify which 2 items you want from those images, are the dresses? the shoes? The bag with the puppy? You can do this at your post just editing it.

    Trevor thanks for delete your double post.

    DMV thank you for helping me, you are my pink haired angel!

    Again I ask that posts containing no suggestions be edited or deleted if you guys don't do that on Sunday they will be deleted by moderation. Thanks!

    Thanks, Vats! And I edit my post.
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    HollySisk wrote: »
    Since Melimda doesn't know how, here's a picture of the hairstyle she suggested.

    Thank you!!
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    Final entries for the poll:

    For girls

    1- White shoes iOS exclusive - suggested by kokokokonut

    2 - Red dress from Christmas / NYEve - suggested by kokokokonut

    3 - Animal Print dress from Perez Hilton's event - suggested by Eselletea

    4 - Christmas Hair - suggested by Eselletea

    5 - Vampire's fangs from Halloween - suggested by Naimonster

    6 - Overalls denim - suggested by Naimonster

    7 -Choker / double cuff combo from iOS Product Red event - suggested by DMV_Doll

    8 - Black belted top - suggested by DMV_Doll

    9 - Fur salmon coat - suggested by LuzVarias

    10 - Kim's inspired long dress from Love is in the air event - suggested by natchula

    11 - Wavy hair from Baby Bash event - suggested by hoodstar9

    12 - Hair pulled back from VIP event - suggested by hoodstar9

    13 -Chanel Black Bag -suggested by Mklove

    14 - Yellow diamond stud earring - suggested by Mklove

    15 -High golden and black heels - suggested by HollySisk

    16 - Bag with White Puppy from Valentine's Day- suggested by HollySisk

    17- Black Lace Dress - suggested by Marshybeans

    18- Golden and brown top and skirt - Suggested by Marshybeans

    19 - White dress with hearts - suggested by Minne623

    20- Winged white sandal - suggested by Minne623

    21 - White glitter dress - suggested by Lyanna

    22 - White Dress - suggested by Lyanna

    23 - Black Sunglasses Black Friday's event - suggested by kkh.isabellagrace

    24 - Long White Dress - suggested by kkh.isabellagrace

    25 - French Braids hair of Kloes' Birthday Event - suggested by Melimda 119

    For guys

    1 - Brad Pitt's hair from 1st birthday event -suggested by Vats

    2 - Beige jacket from Baby Bash event - suggested by Vats

    3 - Glittered Suit from Christmas event - suggested by Charli

    4 - Heart shaped necklace from Valentine's Day event- suggested by Charli

    5- Colourful plaid shirt from Easter's Event - suggested by trevoractor

    6 - Beige jacket from VIP event - suggested by trevoractor

    7 - Leopard Shoes from Easter's event - suggested by Gatsby

    8 - Black & white striped shirt with golden details from VIP event - suggested by Gatsby

    My thanks to all who helped with your suggestions, soon the poll will be in the forum. Now is vote and hope that the Glu answer our requests.
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    Men's poll is open, due to the large number of entries for Women's things, that needs some modification, Vats will keep you informed. But this thread is closed, until Vats wants to add more info. Thanks, and go vote for 3 of your fave men's things.
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