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    miakimkmiakimk Registered Users 19 Posts
    hi! my name is Mia in the game and my gc is julitaniewe - I would love any kstar clothes, accesories or hairstyles- thanks in advance!!:)
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    primadiamondsprimadiamonds Registered Users 36 Posts
    Hi! I just had to restart so any gifts are appreciated (:
    I'm interested mostly in clothes but I'm not picky!

    My GC ID is primadiamonds, and in-game I'm Juliet Diamond (:

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    Carol DavidaCarol Davida Registered Users 6,145 Posts
    Hi! I'm an android user. My character name in the game is Carol Davida. I would appreciate any clothing as gifts. Thanks. Add me on Facebook:
    Daily Android KKH player

    Carolette Davie (the all-American bittersweet feminist) ➡ the diva's cousin

    If you would like to be friends with me in-game please PM me so that I'll know that you're from the glu forums. Tyvm☺

    Follow me on IG

    #SafeStorage #MaleDollsMatters #BonusStarForParties #BoycottTrendsetters #DontPunishPayingCustomers #MoreAdsForKstars #StopKollections

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    shrimpshrimp Registered Users 41 Posts
    Please send me some gifts! My game got erased when I was level 34 and I lost absolutely everything that I paid for. It's really rough starting over but I'd appreciate any gifts at all! My GC is effyd
    Thanks sooo much!
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    KyreesheneKyreeshene Registered Users 18 Posts
    GC: Kyreeshene
    In Game Name: Kyree
    Anything would help. Thanks
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    kelly annkelly ann Registered Users 3 Posts
    Could you please gift me
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    KristophersonxKristophersonx Registered Users 18 Posts
    Add me android/kindle users: fb email is kristopherson247@gmail.com I had to start all over and lost everything and have no friends. any gifts help :)
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