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I want to buy my NPC husband some ripped jeans, but there are two options:
One costs 35 stars, the other costs 30. I'm assuming one is a pair of long pants and the other is a pair of shorts, but I can't tell which is which from the small wardrobe previews. I'm looking to buy long pants, and I don't want to mistakenly pay for shorts. Could someone with a guy game give screenshots of each pair of jeans?
Thanks in advance!
My Game Center is HHANNAH99, feel free to add me!


  • QueenCookieQueenCookie Experienced Member Registered Users 356 Posts
    One pair is just more ripped than the other

  • Katherine.Katherine. Junior Member Registered Users 66 Posts
    Thank you for replying! I wasn't expecting them to be so similar, haha.
    My Game Center is HHANNAH99, feel free to add me!
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