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Hi guys,
I'm new to this game again cause I stopped playing long long time ago. I see there're many updates in this game and I know you are more experienced than me :cool: so please help me with this.
Well, in my friends list, I see some are A+, C+++, etc. After searching, I found out that they had completed "comback" after being #1. So does the amount of plus represent the total of comback versions they did? Since I read someone metioned there are 3 of them.
One of my friends, who is currently #1 in the list and she has more than 700m fans. It means I have to take her down if I want to do the "comback", right? It sounds like impossible mission to me T____T
That's all for now, I really appreciate your help :) and pls bear with my English cause I'm not English speaker :P

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    Hi, and welcome to the forum. Yes, there are 3 available Comebacks at this time. ANd the Maximum number of fans is about 725 million. But, I heard that the game was adjusted, so that when you pass all the NPCs in your game, you become eligible for the comeback. I will try and verify this for you. But, when you reach Maximum number of fans, even if there are 20 players at Maximum, you become number one in your game. But just having to pass the NPCs seems easier, so I'll try and track that down. It was posted by a very reliable member, but I still want to make sure.
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    Thank you so much!
    It's definitely easier to take the NPCs down. The most famous one has only more then 100m fans. 7 times easier compared to my friend lol.
    And please let me know if you confirm that info.
    Thanks again!
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