Legitimate offer: I will write a weekend storyline for free

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I am 100% serious about this. I'm just bored of not doing anything in weekend events! I think the community here will have some great ideas and is basically a huge untapped well of creativity and enthusiasm.

Three tasks, a handful of phone calls, appearances from characters who haven't been utilised well in years, and a player choice that both feels meaningful and doesn't fundamentally change the underlying game world. No K-star gated choices though, that's not how I roll. 

I will write it in any form (presumably a flow diagram but like I could do a screenplay I guess?) and I will sign all of my rights away. 

Experience: I've never done any mobile coding but holy s***. have I written a lot of video game fanfiction lmao


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    @Lisylis You read my mind. I was just thinking that if Glu isn't prioritizing the creation of good storylines, our forum could absolutely come up with great content!

    Even if we weren't allowed to do anything with Kardashian characters, we could totally make new stories around Willow, Skylar, RT (remember him!?!) etc.
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    @webra Honest to god my whole initial plot revolves around Skylar and Willow (without giving too much away, lol). I think we could all team up and talk about our ideas and do really well! 

    I know we're not allowed to mention other games here but I know at least one content creator focusing on a story-based experience lets regular users have access to their creation engine and submit their own stories.

    But seriously Glu it will cost $0 and I'm actually quite good at writing engaging things just send me a template and I'll be done in like 10 min
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    @Lisylis this is excting! Imagine all of us playing a storyline by you! And brainstorming some new ones in a thread, it would be so much fun. I hope this gets noticed by the glu staff. Good luck!
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    YES PLEASE ! 🙌🏻
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    Minimum Skylar, please. Her character is more annoying than Willow.
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    Oooh. RT is one handsome NPC. If he was dateable I would totally ditch my hubby. 

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    Minimum Skylar, please. Her character is more annoying than Willow.
    Girl I feel ya. But every time I run into Skylar on the street I just look at her character model and think "someone spent an extraordinary amount of effort making this custom model and then they used it for like 3 storylines and abandoned it forever"

    Her entire thing is being the newest young star, right? But it's been a couple of years now, and maybe she's not getting the amount of attention she's used to any more. I think we could have some fun with it.
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    I love this idea! One consideration with the weekend storylines is that it's hard to incorporate "unlocked" characters like Skyler because not all players would have "met" her yet, only the ones who have played through the storylines enough. Usually those kind of major continuity storylines come with the update (though we haven't seen any in a while, Tale of Crowns notwithstanding). The weekend events stories were usually more one-off, non-continuity storylines.

    If i were going to guess, I'd say they noticed that many players were not playing through those weekend storylines because the event point payouts weren't really worth it, and they found that the writers were putting effort into these storylines but not a lot of people were playing through them (though I know I always did, because they had some great writers and it was entertaining and while not as quick as just grinding through, it was a bit more fun for me).

    Remember they tried something different for a while, giving us continuity weekend storylines over a month of updates (remember Michigan Smith and that idol we chased around?). They tried to get players interested in weekend stories again. They tested that Stories feature, too. I think this shows they're up to experiment with how they do stories for the game, so perhaps they'd be interested in players submitting ideas. Maybe they could do a contest, where we all send in some update and weekend storyline ideas/ scripts, and winners could get k stars? 

    I'd love to see more involved stories again in this game. It really drew me in initially, and I find without that now I'm more detached from the game and from Everly. It's more about just earning the clothes now, so gameplay is more rote. I miss that investment I had to find out what was going to happen next when her little phone started ringing.
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    I am currently in grad school for English lit. I love reading & writing. I would also be happy to volunteer to write a weekend storyline! What a fantastic idea @Lisylis<3 
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    The core storylines and the Comebacks were what drew me into and kept me engaged with the game. Once I completed them all, I've looked forward to and completed every single weekend storyline since, as it felt like something to -do- with what felt like a game -character-, instead of just dressing up as a paper cutout / toy -doll- (cute for sure, but not very engaging for me).

    If KK:H was just a plain dress-up game from the very start, I would not have played for more than a few weeks. So, for me, over the past however many months, it has felt disappointing that I can complete the new core storylines within 2-3 days of an update rolling out and have no more weekend storylines to look forward to as a flavored break from grinding the same basic gig/party/date over and over again during weekend events.

    Heck, Glu could probably start reusing weekend storylines from 2-3 years ago and I wouldn't recognize the details enough to say "Hey, I remember doing this one before!", lol. Even if I did, I'd still play through them again as a break from grinding.

    So yeah, submissions and contests sound like a fun new way for the player base to reengage with the game and interact with the community!
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    Bump for more ideas
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    What could be a great idea and really exciting would be to solve a mystery during Halloween. So imagine you get a call from a stranger telling you they got (x person, could be Simon) and this mysterious person left a clue in simon’s  office. Yo tell Kim and get together to follow the clue but it wasn’t false because Willow took the real clue to gain more fans and solve it herself! But we get ahead of the game and find Simon in this case, (of course there could be more drama and story in between) then Maria and simon tell you it was all part of a special episode for your show and it was kim’s Idea!  Sounds good to me what do you all think? Thanks for your time guys! Much love
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    maybe as a gift to all players there could be a storyline involving getting a call from simon or maria, saying a mysterious distant family member has left you a sizeable chunk a hunk of kash, a few k-stars, and a small apartment in paris. all you have to do to earn the apartment is spend a month there. when your doll arrives, they're greeted by a pile of suitcases and.... willow! turns out she got the same call from her "weirdo distant family member" too!
    chaos would ensue, but it'd be the P-E-R-F-E-C-T opportunity to reward players and flesh willow's character out! 
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    I love anything that would have to do with Raul and Cassio. As I'm writing this I'm thinking of how great it would be to have their rivalry turn into romance. I'll be upset becasue I won't end up with either of them but I think it would take away my dilemma of wanting both of them and the LGBTQ+ representation would be amazing. 
  • harley_sssc_harley_sssc_ Registered Users, Member 4 Posts
    There was also that one time we were in a competition to see if we would run a good modeling agency. I think they should make that a real thing where we would get to choose models and connect them with gigs. 
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    how about a story where we create a bestfriend.

    you know we customize her, give her a personlity, give her a name etc..

    then we fly her out to LA to have her meet kim and the family. time flys by.. 

    next thing you know our friend is caught in a afair with kanye. kim is mad at me & my created best friend. all media outlets are buzzing about my friend.

    this would give us another character we can use. sometimes i may not wanna go to photoshoots. i can send my best friend to fill in. 
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    2. Your manager offers you to do an ad campaign (or something else), you should choose with whom: Kim, Cassio or Raul. Photoshoot started, you are talking with your co-star. In an instant the yawning, the tiredness reasserted themselves. Eyes went blank and you passed out. You woke up and find yourself in the hospital with someone, who worried about you...
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    3.Who remembers, when Raul said "Perhaps the three of us (Kim, Raul, you) could spend some time together in the future... I hope I can get Kim's approval". Well, I think the time has come. We can arrange a meeting with three of us or better four of us (Kim, Rosa Manzi, Raul Ferro and our kkh doll).
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    4.Does anyone remember Charlemagne Pons? You helped Cassio put Charlemagne to prison because of his criminal activity. He realized about your part in it and decided to get revenge. His people kidnapped you, held hostage, brough to Paris. (And I was actually thinking about more drama… Who remembers Maximilian Alucard - a little creepy french billionaire?).The Count is linked to the fact that you were kidnapped. He said that he didn’t meant to harm you, just wanted to see you, because it’s been a while since your meeting, but he can’t stop thinking about you. Maximilian begs you to stay, spend only the one day with him, and he’ll let you go.

      Option 1: You agree, spend with him one day and he let you go (perhaps).

      Option 2: You find it weird and creepy. Disagreeing with him and said to set you free! But then he got mad.

    Cassio found out that you were kidnapped and decides to rescue you, in the meantime (because he was the one who introduced you to Charlemagne Pons, he felt guilty). In the end, Cassio searched, rescued you, and  apologized to you that he put you in danger.

    P.S. Sorry, if there’s a mistakes because I do not speak English well. Thank you for understanding!

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    5. Your manager calls you and says: “Hey! Someone needs your help… Come by to my office to discuss it face to face”. You meet Simon, and he told you about the big scandal around Mr.Cassio. The model that he dumped, started to dragging his name through the mud. But the truth is, she is mad at him and wants money. Mister Cassio wants to hire you like his lawyer and defender. 
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    If any of this becomes actual storylines, I hope the Cassio/Raul ones actually give you the option of dating one of them, if it's your choice. 
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    I’d probably legitimately offer a kidney for a lifetime supply of free KStars; I’ll still have another one.

    But your offer is a little less lawsuit-y. And it would be really fun to see the creativity of the members here. :)
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    @MercedesBenz23 I do NOT want to meet your idea of a best friend, either in the game or real life. 😝
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    If we will be a lawyer...

    The Flossy G was obviously into some pretty bad staff. He gave a concert in Europe, but got a fight with some guys and as a consequence, he went to jail. You gonna try to free G, and return him to homeland ‘cause there a lot of facts that prove he was innocent (it’s like Asap Rocky’s story).

  • NinellKKHNinellKKH Registered Users, Member 25 Posts
    Some ideas for storylines:
    The Charity Ball to raise money for the (?). Cassio and Raul run into each other again but haven't forgotten about their "old" rivalry. They trying to outbid the dance with us.
    Also,we can add Prince Aston and Princess Bianca.

    #teamcassio #teamraul
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