❤️🎃KK:H WeekEnd Event - 10/25/19 - Love is in the Spooky, Fog Filled Air ! (Halloween Dating!)🎃



  • Stefani_HStefani_H Registered Users, Member 867 Posts
    Ugh I hate myself for trying to chase the dress. I opened a box this morning and I got the hair. It's a good pick but I really really really wanted the dress ☹️

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  • thenailaholicthenailaholic New Member Registered Users 227 Posts
    @VioletDreams I’m on iOS and I haven’t been able to watch videos for over a month. 
  • thenailaholicthenailaholic New Member Registered Users 227 Posts
    Oh, and for serious I have no money. Which place gives the most for working gigs? 
  • mikaylachimomikaylachimo New Member Registered Users 2,928 Posts
    @TrashleyKKH you’re onto me, it’s coming soon! 😂 I love that so much (and coven was my fave season of ahs I’ve seen so of course I’m in 100%)
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  • alycatalycat Registered Users, Member 261 Posts
    Oh, and for serious I have no money. Which place gives the most for working gigs? 
    Reality shows are a quick way to earn cash!
  • thenailaholicthenailaholic New Member Registered Users 227 Posts
    Thanks girl!  I forget about those lol. It’s gonna be a loooooong night of filming! 😂
  • RikkRikk New Member Registered Users 3,766 Posts
    I love the whole look @Naimonster!
  • RikkRikk New Member Registered Users 3,766 Posts
    edited October 2019
    Here are my male doll’s winnings: two hairstyles and three jackets. Much, much better than last week! 😊

    I love this tousled hairstyle!

  • BooshBoosh Registered Users, Member 11 Posts
    Just finished the event! This came at the perfect time - I‘ve been meaning to max my girl’s relationship with her partner, but this gave me the motivation to focus on dating! I got to celebrate maxing the relationship with a new Halloween costume! 

    Also, SUPER happy with what I got in the gift box. The perfect piece for this season! 

  • Jasper1385Jasper1385 Registered Users, Member 111 Posts
    Hi everyone 😊
    This might be kind of dumb question, but I need to ask. If I complete and earn 5 stars at Pop Glam tasks, will that give me points towards the event prizes? I completed one that Simon called about yesterday, I'm not earning many points for the dates. I was hoping to win the hat but don't want to waste money and energy if it's pointless. Thank you! 
  • jaeannjaeann Registered Users, Member 502 Posts
    Only a 6 hour gig will give you event points during a dating event. @Jasper1385 unless it has changed? 
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  • BasakBasak Registered Users, Member 1,207 Posts

    I’m finally done with this event! Ugh this one took so long, it felt like months. 😩😩 But here is my bada** witch doll, enjoying the full moon.


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  • lindz_kayla3711lindz_kayla3711 Registered Users, Member 276 Posts
    So I can never remember.. after I open the first gift box (the one that’s free), and I choose to not open any other gift boxes, it would cost me 320 stars to open all 8 gift boxes. If I had 320 stars, will it let me keep opening boxes until I’ve opened all 8? Or does it always stop after you open 3 boxes? 
  • jhabsjhabs Registered Users, Member 1,941 Posts
    @lindz_kayla3711 it stops you after three 
  • MollyMonroeMollyMonroe Registered Users, Member 508 Posts
    @Naimonster inspired me to whip up my own ice queen: 

    except I'd switch the red polish for baby blue 

    I was just playing around in the SYS booth, but I'll probably wear this for real in December. 
  • Stefani_HStefani_H Registered Users, Member 867 Posts

    This is the first time in ages that I have finished a dating event. I'm in love with this outfit and I can't wait to use it next week 🤗
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  • ValerieGrayValerieGray Registered Users, Member 571 Posts
    Just got the dress! Hoping I get the hair too!

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  • EmmieDollEmmieDoll Registered Users, Member 57 Posts
    @MollyMonroe omg I didn’t even think if dying the fire handheld! Such a good idea, I might do a green one for a witch look
  • KatWalkerKatWalker New Member Registered Users 171 Posts
    I love the witch hat because you can go full goth glam witch...

    or cool skater witch...

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  • AbbeymaeAbbeymae Registered Users, Member 761 Posts
    Had decent luck all weekend and just to top it off I got 50 stars from Perks12 !!!
  • paintingliliespaintinglilies New Member Registered Users 36 Posts
    I just finished and I couldn't be happier! I ran out of money twice and had to open boxes in collections to get Kash 😂 
  • CryingKimCryingKim Registered Users, Member 464 Posts

    Loving this witch costume so much! 🧡

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  • EmCharlotteEmCharlotte Registered Users, Member 582 Posts
    Oooh my goodness I’m so happy! I haven’t stopped thinking about this gorgeous GB dress so I went back through the thread looking for a pattern and set myself a three-box-limit. I got the gloves first, then the dress, and I didn’t open a third because I already had the eyes from my free box. My picks were going to be 6/2/ then 3 or 7 depending on how I felt at the moment 😂 

    I didn’t screenshot afterwards but the hair was in 1! 
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  • thallisathallisa New Member Registered Users 1,383 Posts
    I have to say that this might be one of my favorite events ever! All the items are beautiful and amazingly detailed, I also love how even though we got Halloween costumes, both earnable and GB dresses can be easily used for other occasions and don’t have to sit in our closets until next Halloween. The witch costume is probably my fave one this week, so prayer circle we’ll be getting more incredible earnables like these!!

  • marir222marir222 New Member Registered Users 332 Posts
    Ya girl is happy she finished, because the event was so long 

    that’s for amateurs
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