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  • HannahKKHHannahKKH Registered Users, Member 494 Posts
    I managed to get up to 30 kstars so I took a spin on the new kollection and got 50 energy. The only good thing about it is that I had enough energy to finish the 6 hour location shoot for event points. 

    Then in my free box I got 50 energy again. 

    Hannah 🇬🇧
    Violet is my doll. iOS player ✨
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  • AguadeCocoAguadeCoco Registered Users, Member 674 Posts
    I got the hair in my free box, I am not a fan...

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  • HannahKKHHannahKKH Registered Users, Member 494 Posts
    @Chelsea123 I got exactly the same 😫
    Hannah 🇬🇧
    Violet is my doll. iOS player ✨
    PM me for FB add info! Let’s be friends 👯‍♀️
  • Chloè_KKHChloè_KKH Registered Users, Member 1,033 Posts
    I got the skirt in my freebie. Took a spin on the new kollection and got dye, of course 

  • SusonSuson Registered Users, Member 9 Posts
    I don't like any of the earnables or GB items but the Kollection is sooo nice! Love the bundle and the eyes! 
  • AmandaMKkhAmandaMKkh Registered Users, Member 1,739 Posts
    Well I wasn’t crazy about any Gb even if I liked the clutch.. I’ll go dye a dress for this sys 😌

    iOS player since August 2014
  • MarianiPoizenMarianiPoizen Registered Users, Member 631 Posts
    I guess it could’ve been worse, it’s almost two free shows.

    I play on iOS
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  • Maree_kkhMaree_kkh Registered Users, Member 633 Posts
    If anyone could show the eyes on different skintones, i'd appreciate it! Can't tell what the highlight looks like because of the hair.
  • Chelsea.Chelsea. Experienced Member Registered Users 508 Posts
    Energy > Bundle! The hair is everything <3

    IOS Player. Pm to add 💖
  • AmiliciousAmilicious Experienced Member Registered Users 363 Posts
    I’m not interested in the gb items and my free box had energy as usual. Love the collection tho, really liked the bundle, hair and eyes. I got the bundle on the second spin funny enough, now I need to try to save some stars for the hair haha. 
    Living for the eyes, they’re by far my favorite and they have a slight delicate highlight as well. 

  • PixiDustPixiDust Registered Users, Member 371 Posts

    got the hair in my free gb on my first game and at first i was disappointed but i actually kinda like it now 

    my free box on my second game was absolutely dreadful. only two gb items, and 5 normal daily gift box items ?! 

    decided to spin the new kollection and ....

    i’ve had some insane luck with kollections this week and would try and get the eyes but i’ve already been too lucky and don’t want to risk paying >70 k stars for energy or dye but i’m not complaining 🥳🥳
    iOS player 💞✨🧚🏻‍♀️
  • brunakkhbrunakkh Registered Users, Member 381 Posts
    Asked my boyfriend to pick and he chose an item again, he gets it every week! I said to him that he was too lucky and he said that he isnt lucky, he just asks me what I want and get it for me lol

    Not a huge fan of this shirt but it gives me kinda of a business woman vibe, and I am glad for the extra points
    IOS player
    🌸 be nice to each other 🌸
  • kokokokonutkokokokonut Community Moderator Moderators 24,738 Posts
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  • beba13beba13 Registered Users, Member 376 Posts
    thallisa said:
    I’m in love with bundle dress and non bundle hair from the kollection 💕

    I like the bundle hair too but my doll’s forehead looks kinda huge in it? 🤷🏼‍♀️ Also seeing everyone’s pics here makes me want to try to get the eyes with the highlight 😩
    The highlight is reaaaaally subtle tbh 😅
  • Maree_kkhMaree_kkh Registered Users, Member 633 Posts
    @kkhclarice thank you!!! You're a star.
  • martina_kkhmartina_kkh Registered Users, Member 193 Posts

    I’m not even surprised anymore 
  • LolitaLolita Registered Users, Member 233 Posts
    Free box
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