Gender inequality prizes?!

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Can we please talk about the fact that the girls’ first prize is 15k-stars + clothes and accessories and guys receive above 50k-stars and are able to do whatever they want with it? 
What if I don’t want clothes and rather receive what guys do to invest in properties and new businesses? 


  • SethyxSethyx Registered Users, Member 47 Posts
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    Actually, I think it's completely justified. 
    Girls get a big handful of gorgeous items multiple times a week, whereas, from what I've caught before starting the game or coming to this forum, guys have gone almost an entire year with little to no event clothing at all. We rely on TB boxes and TB kollections which they have about a total of 15, each of the set repeating itself bi monthly.

    A dress a girl might get for the same amount of effort is around the same price, if not much more expensive, compared to the stars guys would get, with the only difference being that guys would have an option to invest it into something else, which is perfectly reasonable given how little variety they'd have to shop anyway.

    The ONLY valid argument here would be - why the hell don't guys even get new shoes anymore, let alone 3 weekly outfits. Now that's a worthwhile talk.
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    I understand your point of view and sometimes those k-stars would come in handy. However, I wouldn't envy the male dolls too much, I actually wish they'd find the game as fun as female dolls do. It comes to a point where they don't have anything to spend their k-stars on because they're limited to wardrobe clothes and properties and those things are limited. They end up not having cool things to invest in because they already bought everything they want.
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