Completed all the tasks available ??

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It’s been about 2 weeks and nor Simon or Maria called me to do any new tasks. Only time Simon calls me is every hour is do those random works just because I don’t have anything else to do and for those PATW Events. Maria only calls me for the luxe goals.
Is it possible that I completed all the tasks at level 37?? DID I BEAT THE GAME ???


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    It's either that you completed all the tasks available or that you need to level up for the new ones to appear 
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    it sounds like you it sounds like there is an open goal somewhere waiting for you.  Are there any goals or tasks on the left side of yo r screen? Or on the bottom right goal tab?   My advice would be to start a search. Go to each and every open door at each street and airport location.  Is your camera crew parked outside. Your BeAir mansion?  If not, then I would check out Dublin, I think Miami and London.  If you are not getting storyline and you are levelm37, I think you’re blocked. It’s tedious, but do a date o r a party, to make room for energy, and then just start. Collect energy as you go along, so it’s not wasted effort.  Your goal, to find a gig just waiting for you to start. Good l UCD.
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