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Hello there, 

So  I recently started playing KKH again after I stopped for more than a year. When I downloaded the app I could restore my last game but I realised I could only restore it from early November 2018 (which is when I started playing again after I stopped in 2017) when I actually stopped playing in February 2019. So I lost all the progress I made in four months and it also means I lost all my purchases. Since it already happened to me in the past I know I can't do anything about my items and my progress lost (I just went through some of my old messages here and god I can't believe how many beautiful dresses, outfits, hairstyles, accessories... I lost, it's breaking my heart ♥ also goodbye my facelift ^^) 

But I assumed I would be able to get my purchases back, I just did the math and I lost the 187.5 euros I spent in the game during these four months :'( I mean I have proof of what I spent so I assumed they would do something to help me. But when I sent a ticket in the game, they replied with what seemed to be a pre-written reply saying they can't help me... nothing more. So I don't know what I should do and who I should ask for help, I just don't want to loose all the money I invested in this game... 

Thanks for reading me 
Also thinking about everyone during these difficult times, I hope everyone is safe ♥


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    I just went through the exact same as you. I had screenshots of my purchases and they told me they only restore "Exclusive Packs". I am very displeased in this customer service as I too have put in a lot of money. If anyone knows who to contact I would appreciate to know as well.
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    Support can only restore purchases of cash and stars, made with real currency in the StarShop, or the special purchases of Fashion Goals, and Kim pick type things- purchased with real currency.  You send copies of your Google or iTunes receipts, and support will assist you. 
    If you are IOS go to the StarShop and look for the restore special purchases button.  Try that 1st. That should restore Star packs and whatever is restorable.

    But things you bought with Stars or in game K$ Can not be internally tracked and restored.  Luckily TB events can help you win those weekly event items again.  But Support is the final word in these situations.  I’m sorry about your game problems, but glad you’re back, and you’ve joined us here. 
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    Thanks for you reply @kokokokonut, I appreciate it 😊

    Sadly I'm not IOS but Android so the restore special purchases button is not available for me.
    I know I can't restore what I bought with kstars or kash so I'm only trying to restore the stars packs and the fashions goals I bought with real money but for now Support is still saying they can't help me even though I sent copies of my Google Play receipts. They only said I have to play with a stable WiFi which I'm always doing.

    I really hope they will be able to help me, let's see how it goes.

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