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Hello all. I've had this problem since March - I claim Diamond rewards in events, but the amount of Diamonds I have doesn't change. It started when the Iron Model Challenge and Atelier Korkov Couture Kollection first showed up. I didn't notice it at first, because Show Your Style doesn't award that much. It came to my attention only after I completed the Iron Model Challenge and didn't receive anything, even though I picked up the reward. I contacted support, provided screenshots, did as they instructed me. It took two weeks (with occasional reassuring messages that the developers are looking into my issue) when they finally contacted me yesterday with apologies about the problem and gave me back the Diamonds I didn't receive (which I promptly spent when the Kollection came back and after that I was left with 1 Diamond lol). Today, when I went to pick up rewards from Show Your Style, I noticed that my issue remains - I claimed the Diamond reward, but it wasn't added to the one I already had. I play on Android, my app is up-to-date. I'm a little hesitant about writing a ticked this time, that's why I decided to consult the forum first about what I should do.


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    Sorry for double posting, but I thought I'd post a little update. 
    So, I took screenshots before and after I claimed a Diamond in Show Your Style this weekend to show that Diamonds don't get added to my account and sent a ticket to support. Did they address the issue? No. They didn't even mention it in their reply, just that they're sorry and "here's your Diamond". It made me feel like I'm badgering them for a measly Diamond  :/ I still don't receive anything that I claim myself. I really hope it'll get fixed in future updates of the game. Best of luck to anyone else stuck with this issue!
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