My game keeps Crashing!

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:(:(:( hasMy game keeps crashing my show your style event isn’t working it keeps saying “getting looks” and freezing the game so I have to close and re-open which is making me have to re-do a date over and over again? 

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    If this happens again when this week’s Sys event begins, send e a dm and  I will try to help.  First thing, Mae sure you have saved a copy of your Hollywood ID number.  This way support can still access your game, in case you can’t submit a ticket from within the game.  Hopefully system glitches will be corrected with the update.  Good luck and welcome. 
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  • kiki_thomson22kiki_thomson22 Registered Users, Member 3 Posts
    Thankyou so much! Will help me if this happens in the future too my game ended up fixing its self after I left it for a few hours xx
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