KK:H Weekday TB Event - 7/20/20 Tap Your Way to a TB Item!



  • LovelyEmmaLovelyEmma Registered Users, Member 3,714 Posts
    Im stoping at the Black Boxes TBH!
    Im having a very hard few days and i just need to take a few days off!
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  • robertavyyrobertavyy Registered Users, Member 1,346 Posts
    Gold box, I almost picked kstars so I’m mad at myself right now 😄

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  • emmaissonemmaisson Registered Users, Member 467 Posts

    Got these boots in my gold box. The only item in the palette... but those k-stars sure would have been nice 🙈
  • TessakkhTessakkh Registered Users, Member 27 Posts
    The gold box. Why did I open another box? 😂

  • ashleymeddsashleymedds Registered Users, Member 267 Posts
    edited July 21

    I think this is by far the worst gold box palette i’ve ever gotten🥴
  • samantha143samantha143 Registered Users, Member 257 Posts

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  • astaasta Registered Users, Member 101 Posts

    An ok week, and a pretty cute dress! no kstars, but i’m not sour about it!(:
  • SamanaKKHSamanaKKH Registered Users, Member 665 Posts
    Purple dye in my second black box 😫

    And then I picked purple dye again in my gold box! so mad at myself I had so many items in my box and I couldn’t even pick one ☹️

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  • yezxyezx Registered Users, Member 2,310 Posts
    Waaaauw 😍
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  • sharonbp95sharonbp95 Registered Users, Member 173 Posts
    @kokokokonut I already did that several times, also contacted glu but haven’t heard back
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  • mandamay76mandamay76 Registered Users, Member 1,643 Posts
    edited July 21
    Edit: Nvm... as soon as I posted and went back to game it magically appeared two hours later than normal 
    anyone else not able to get rapid recharge today?! Mine should have reloaded hours ago
  • SaigeAnneSaigeAnne Registered Users, Member 429 Posts
    On today’s episode of Saige Has No Luck...
    a great gold box: looks just like my daily box! 🤩

    Phenomenal thing I still have my gifs from when I posted my sys box where I picked energy saved 😏

  • QueenRhiaQueenRhia Registered Users, Member 166 Posts
    Got this weird pair of earrings in my golden box. It had a lit of items, although I don't find momosof them very exciting. 

    l would have loved the Halloween necklace tbh! 
  • StevieCurryStevieCurry Registered Users, Member 500 Posts
    in my TB box this week i got these ridiculously low waisted, ill-fitting shorts.

    tried styling them, and in the last outfit you can see how the shorts don’t fit that well on the doll.

    fine with my pick as it still could have been worse, and also it may be useful for this week’s sys 😊
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  • BellaKKHBellaKKH Registered Users, Member 319 Posts
    That’s amazing @Rikk! I’ve only ever managed to pick 3 kstars in those gigs!
  • Carol DavidaCarol Davida Expert Member Registered Users 6,139 Posts

    Loving this ootd 🤩🥰😍
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  • samantha143samantha143 Registered Users, Member 257 Posts

    Not a great palette overall. These shoes are ok but they’re a little clunky. Should be able to use them in the weekend SYS though. 
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  • serahyyyserahyyy Registered Users, Member 172 Posts
    edited July 22
    Hey, I could use a little advice please! :)
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    Awesome - Monaco Casino
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  • LibbyLibby Registered Users, Member 136 Posts

    Got these boots in my gold box. Not sure if I like them but there are worse items I could have picked. So no complaining. 
  • noha62noha62 Registered Users, Member 268 Posts

    Got this outfit in my last box , don’t know how to feel about it i actually like it but i know it won’t be that useful 😕
  • datesaremyfavedatesaremyfave Registered Users, Member 306 Posts
    @serahyyy I would say Monaco casino! Only takes 24 weeks to break even
    Art gallery, libson and Seoul take 30 weeks to break even. Between these 3 Seoul you get 4 kstars but libson and Venice only give 3
  • soundsprettysoundspretty Senior Member Registered Users 4,554 Posts
    Got pink dye in my second black box (hello old friend) and a partnership tile in gold. The space buns finally appeared in my gold palette again after going MIA so I'm a little bummed I didn't pick them ☹️
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  • HeyEllaHeyElla Registered Users, Member 26 Posts
    Got this black&white short dress in my TB-Box. I think it was the best item in the palette :)

  • thesweetonethesweetone Registered Users, Member 1,225 Posts
    Meh... But hey, looking at my palette - I havent missed anything! 😊

    An Android player from Russia. ❤️ Pride month 24/7/365 baby! 🤪🏳️‍🌈 
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