❤️💏KK:H Weekend Event - 7/31/20 Love is in the AIr (Dating)❤️💋🥂



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    I got the skirt! Very happy to choose an item... does anyone have any ideas on how to style it on its own though? Because I don’t think it does very well and the top slit thing is a bit odd, 
    Congrats! That's my dream item 💞 my suggestions:

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    I had all four items in my pallete but my luck is non existent. Not gonna chase🤷
  • helcabuhelcabu Registered Users, Member 456 Posts
    Got the skirt in my free box, not sure if I should be chasing the hair or not 🙈

    iOs player 
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    edited July 2020
    I impulsively spent kstars and got 50 energy and a basic bag
    And from the collection I got 10 dyes 
    Should I chase GB hair? I only have extra kstars for one choice 😫
    Like: try to find GB hair
    Awesome: one more spin in the kollection
    Lol: save kstars

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    Now I have to chase, don't I? 😩
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    Ugh my first spin was energy again..

    But I'M IN LOVE with the eyes!
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    I’ve never ever chased an item before because as a Bronze VIP player I’m precious with my Kstars. However today I thought I’m gona give it a try, so I went with tip to open boxes right at the start. I picked in order:
    30 event points 😩 (Idon’t like the earnables)
    5 blue dye 😫 (how can this even be justified as worth 40 stars?) 
    The skirt (which is nice but not ideal without the top) 

    I was going to open more so I was surprised to find 3 was my limit. Going to take some time out to decide if I want to spend anymore based on my chances of picking an item. 

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    milrist said:
    Finally! It's a boy😊

    Congratulations! Your doll and her family make a lovely picture. :)
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    Victorian said:
    I thought long and hard and decided to not chase GB. Mainly because of three problems:
    1) Separates should always be earnable. If you don't get a piece in your free box it's not worth chasing. 
    2) Earrings look tacky, I don't want them.
    3) Hairclips should have been separate. 
    So if you didn't make that two piece outfit separates, instead separated the hair from hairclips (make the hair wearable without them tho) I would probably chase those and would not mind the earrings. But now it's just not worth a minimum of 120 kstars, I can get prettier items with that kind of money. 
    Me keeping my word after I got the skirt from free gb:

    Now I don't have any money left and I will just have to ditch the top probably 😩 I will also have to ditch next week's VIP which is just awful 🤦‍♀️
    20 year old from Turkey & Android Player
    Striking untill they give everyone 20 videos a day
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