KK:H Weekday TB Event - 8/3/20 Another week of fun and games in KK:H Land!



  • KaylaJKaylaJ Registered Users 2,954 Posts
    Bad news pants, good news Shopaholics achievement and 10 Kstars

    They are not easy to design around!
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    let me know and i'll approve quicker!

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  • AmandaMKkhAmandaMKkh Registered Users, Member 3,664 Posts
    Found these earrings in my tb box, I wish I picked the jumpsuit above them because it’s the only thing I liked in my palette ⭐️
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  • ChqrlotteChqrlotte Registered Users 832 Posts

    Got this dress in my throwback box, pretty decent pick!
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  • mishykkhmishykkh Registered Users, Member 135 Posts

    Lol. At least they are out of the way...
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  • emmaissonemmaisson Registered Users, Member 834 Posts
    Hmm well.. my week wasn’t any good 🤪 

  • daphnekkhdaphnekkh Registered Users, Member 158 Posts
    Black boxes this week were great!! 

    Can’t say the same about the others I grinned for though 🤡

  • julia19julia19 Registered Users, Member 802 Posts
    I wish I picked the cute dog in my throwback palette

  • danjames12danjames12 Registered Users, Member 518 Posts
    Got this dress in mine late night. Not the best thing I’ve ever gotten, but def best thing in the pallet! It gives me morticia Adams vibes, and pairs well with the lace shoes from the dreadlock weekend 
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  • QueenRhiaQueenRhia Registered Users, Member 426 Posts
    This is my pick from the TB box.... I can't imagine ever wearing that tbh. Almost everything else would have been a better pick. 

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