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    I don’t know if this has been said in the SYS thread because I haven’t looked through it yet, but I’m crying tears of joy that they finally combined all the results of our gigs. Now I don’t have to click the same button 10 times every time I go into the game.lmao never mind. I had just woken up from a nap and didn’t remember clicking through all the pop ups. 🙈 But this is EXACTLY how it should be done in the future!
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    Miyuri said:
    Also, for those wondering about the "green" coconut: it’s the same as the brown one, it’s just the outer shell. You need to break it off to access the small round one. In the handheld, it’s still a young one because it’s white inside. This is usually how it’s prepared to drink coconut water from the coconut itself. If you want the brown round coconut, you have to wait until they’re a little older and break apart the outer shell (the white part is now like straw: see picture). You then have your "real" coconut, you pierce it and empty the water in a glass, then break it and scoop out the white flesh from the shell.
    Maybe there’s different varieties and methods but that’s how we do it back home. The brown round coconuts that you imagine are not what are seen directly in the trees!
    Process for production of high densityhigh performance binderless
    This was so interesting @miyuri! Thank you ❤️
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    The 💎 intent 💎 is 💎 to 💎 provide 💎 players 💎 with 💎 a 💎 sense 💎 of 💎 pride 💎 and 💎 accomplishment 💎
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    I know this has already been said but I just want to emphasize that adding 5 free videos for diamonds a day would really really REALLY make it more manageable to keep up with all these new ways to spend diamonds! 
    Yes! To add to that: I'm sure Glu is cautious that if they add 5 diamond videos a day, people will stop buy TT's (or packs). But tbh, I'd still buy even with these free videos, so they have nothing to be afraid of in that sense. 
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    I know this has already been said but I just want to emphasize that adding 5 free videos for diamonds a day would really really REALLY make it more manageable to keep up with all these new ways to spend diamonds! 
    I would love for this to happen, but if it does glu please do NOT take away 5 of our free stars, you could just allow our first 5 videos to give us stars AND diamonds and the next 5 can be stars only 
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    can’t wait for the update! just love seeing new stuff 🤗 hoping for good surprises ahead 🙏🏻
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    Sorry double post 
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    Are the current pop up shop items still going to be available after the update? 
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    @thesweetone I know what you mean. I took shots of all my daily boxes for about a month. Every day, bar one, there were two VIP tiles in my palette. I had one day when I had a free tile in there that I need. It’s ridiculous, it needs sorting. People like @BellaKKH, who are VIP should have the opportunity to pick a VIP tile, even if it’s not picked there should be one in the palette. I don’t want VIP tiles in my daily box. I’m never going to get VIP so I don’t want two spaces every day knocked out. I’d like the free ones to be in a bit more often so I’ve at least got the chance to pick one. One day the Black Rabbit hair&cap will be mine. Ok I’m done babbling now.
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    As someone who got the weekday SYS I definitely think that needs to be brought back, it’s a good way to get more diamonds and kstars. The only thing I did notice is there weren’t a lot of items (only 2-3) for my doll in the boxes, maybe it’s because I usually almost complete the SYS events but I’d definitely like to see more items. 
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    @samaaanthaaa i started playing in March and would look through the encyclopedia to see events i missed out on, and boy was the quality pretty great compared to what it is now. i started saving a ton of stars for kimiversary in hopes of getting some of these past items (but we all know how disappointing that was 🙄). i can definitely tell that the quality has dipped, and i’ve barely been playing. 
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    Last year the earnables we got were the quality of, at the least, kollections we now get. Glu only cares about what they put into TS, because they make money every single week off of it. It won’t change unless literally everyone stopped buying tickets, which they won’t. 
    You’re totally right. It was exactly a year ago when they decided to have SYS events weekly. I remember we would have it twice a month but lasted all week instead of the weekend. I don’t know which option is better
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    I see people suggesting daily videos for diamonds and i just wish glu would give me videos for kstars again, its been a week since i last got the option, meanwhile people get 20 vids a day. :( glu really needs a better support. I sent a ticket about the videos and they said its demographic but ive seen players from my country and city who get a lot more videos and i get daily videos that don't give me anything, only the one for kstars are missing.

    I really hope they consider your sugestions tho, a jewelry business would be amazing or a monthly storyline like the tv reunion. But please give the players a warning because i would never have found out about it if it wasnt for the forum ans we now a lot of the players are not here.
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    @cintyadvl I’ve seen some people say that it’s because their phone is on an old operating system and that’s why they don’t get videos. Not sure if that helps
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    I haven't had any k-star vids for MONTHS and support said demographic but I have them on my new ipad game? sus.
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    Ads for diamonds could work for people who get them, but I can't get them on Amazon and I gave up on trying to play on my phone since that didn't go well. 
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