🗳️🔁 SYS-TB 10/12/20 - Time for Haute Couture - Again!🔥👚🧵



  • JullietteJulliette Experienced Member Registered Users 456 Posts
    Ahh i wanted so much the first hair...
    i always pick the first box and of course exactly today i choose the 2nd... 😒
    :o iOS GC ID julliette24 ;)
  • bibiporaibibiporai Registered Users, Member 63 Posts
    bibiporai said:
    First box: shoes
    Second box: dye 🙄

    Came in 5th place and I wanted this dress so bad. I’m really happy :smile:

    Congratulations!! That is one of my favourite dresses in the game, I think it's so beautiful. I bet your doll looks amazing it 😊
    Thank you 😍 
    I only have 5 items from the list, so I was pretty lucky (usually I'm not lol), been wanting this dress for weeks now, finally got it 🥺
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  • Kween_of_the_KastleKween_of_the_Kastle Registered Users, Member 1,256 Posts
    At least I dodged that DYE in the silver box. Wanted the winter queen eye makeup, but I'm fine with living my elton john fantasy 


  • anilynbrightanilynbright Registered Users, Member 412 Posts
    So as I was sure I got dyes 🤔 Happily not two time. Got the hair from my second try and it is too hard to use. Maybe can be used for casual outfits, like sporty, for home or for beach 🙄 

    Playing from Feb/2020 on iOS 🍏
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  • thesweetonethesweetone Registered Users, Member 2,708 Posts
    Can we appreciate how good my palette was 😍

    Grateful for the hairstyle, I love it so much! For some reason it gives me 80's vibes 💜

  • DelphineGarnierDelphineGarnier New Member Registered Users 3,313 Posts
    If I was going to get dye from my second sys box, I wish I had at least picked the sapphire, but the shoes under the tile I picked would have been better. I'm glad I got a TS box and got an item but I wish I had picked the bottom right tile so I could have gotten that hairstyle with the bright white color. I was also one tile away from getting that hairstyle with the star headpiece.
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  • BooskiBabiiBooskiBabii Registered Users, Member 2,651 Posts
    Main game: lowest, highest, and fave. 

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  • anilynbrightanilynbright Registered Users, Member 412 Posts
    @thesweetone Hey, we got the same hair 😍 You rocked it, haven't even thought about it like 80s style 🤗 Interesting will try to make smt in that style 😻
    Playing from Feb/2020 on iOS 🍏
    True Kardashian ❤️🇦🇲
  • charlottegoldcharlottegold Registered Users, Member 1,991 Posts

    Came first and chose the two worst boxes, which was the theme of this week. Thankful for the stars at least 
  • alison31alison31 Registered Users, Member 110 Posts

    Came in 1st after months and got these 2 hairs! my palette was pretty good! ✨✨
  • meritedkkhmeritedkkh Registered Users, Member 673 Posts
    lalana said:
    I passed my repeat TB and got my first 1st place SYS! And today's my due date (no baby yet though!) So it's a good day! Happy for K Stars and a sparkly dress!
    Hoping you have a smooth delivery!! 
  • LovelyEmmaLovelyEmma Registered Users, Member 4,381 Posts
    I came in 1st on my TS group and i picked 3 Gold Dyes and 60 Kstars :) 

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  • BooskiBabiiBooskiBabii Registered Users, Member 2,651 Posts
    Second game: I scored high 40's on this one.
    Lowest and highest/fave.

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  • kayayemkayayem Registered Users, Member 513 Posts
    Was shocked to see that I dropped down to 4th place in the end, my scores really dropped off towards the end, but I had been in 2nd pretty consistently throughout the week. Oh well, I actually love the hair and hat combo I got in 4th place. Got 20 K-Stars for my last earnable box which is pretty sweet too.

  • haikawahaikawa Registered Users, Member 730 Posts

    another item! i actually really like these shoes so im not even mad
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  • DoloresWyattDoloresWyatt Registered Users, Member 1,123 Posts
    Got first, no one in my TS reached the 2nd earnable. Good box, I love the shoes but I wish I'd picked the pink hair, it was in my usual spot too😭 I need to stop staying awake all night for this sys, it's not worth it. 

    Low high and fave and prize shoes. I won 2 x 20 kstars this sys so treated myself to a Halloween box and got the makeup  👻 

    Android player, looking for in game friends. FB Dolores Wyatt 
  • kiraraquelkiraraquel Registered Users, Member 220 Posts
    Came first this week. Pretty happy with my picks. 
  • lilvivlilviv Registered Users, Member 427 Posts
    Got dye in my second box but finished third and got this hair! Probably won’t use it as much but I’m happy to get something. Feels like forever since I’ve opened a TS box haha 😩 

  • ShayShigilShayShigil Registered Users, Member 336 Posts
    edited October 2020
    Forgot to screenshot my palette but got first place. First pick was this dress, glad to get an item but it’s too similar to the Legally Blonde one that was a prize for the Ivy League SYS, I don’t need two pink leather dresses. The possibilities for fashion are endless and I wish they were more creative sometimes. 

    Also does anyone else literally get nothing but dye/energy from the earnable boxes? I was in the test group that started the weekday SYS events earlier and I used to get items in those boxes, but now never!
  • HannahKKHHannahKKH Registered Users, Member 946 Posts

    I was asleep and missed my last ticket and still managed to come 1st! I was in the trial and this is the first time I’ve won 1st place. Happy with the hair but of course I pick the only dye slot in the palette
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  • Eyyeth_Eyyeth_ Registered Users, Member 486 Posts
    In my opinion, the Throwback SYS event is one of the best ideas implemented in the game. But the prize boxes are just... uhh... I'm trying to think of a polite wor- bullsh*t.
    The inconsistencies with the amounts just frustrate me. Not only is it unfair, but it just looks so wrong.
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  • Lia888Lia888 Registered Users, Member 754 Posts
    Although my scores were really low all sys, I ended in 3rd place and picked the white skirt in the TS box. 

    Low, high and fave looks.

  • AreysAreys Registered Users, Member 466 Posts

    I suppose the TS palettes were updated, they look a little better ✨
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  • QueenRhiaQueenRhia Registered Users, Member 410 Posts
    Yay, I got first place! 
    But I'm disappointed with my picks...

    Having tiny amounts of dye in the boxes is just a d*ck move from Glu...
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  • letusletus Registered Users, Member 685 Posts
    edited October 2020
    I got first and passed the ticket buyer in my group, then another random doll passed me and got first....
    This was my ts pallet! I loved this dress and how it sparkles <3

    iOS free player 🇧🇷 ✨
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