💖KK:H Weekend Event - 12/18/20 Love is in the AIr - Dating Weekend!💖



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    @KalindaKing could you tell us if this is something that's coming in the near future? 
    I would love to know, i kinda like it.
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    i won’t lie, i loved this new design. did you dolls see that there’s no “style level” at the sys prints? 🧐
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    claranax said:
    i won’t lie, i loved this new design. did you dolls see that there’s no “style level” at the sys prints? 🧐
    lmao i wish... Also, there are more prizes to win at 10, 20, 50, and 100 points🧐🧐

    Edit: also just noticed they would FINALLY give us a meter to see our level progress
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  • lululalulula Registered Users, Member 729 Posts

    this is the one I got and I hate it. 
    this SYS design is a choice......
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    So that's what that survey was about. Amazon can't do them so I don't even know why they pop up for me. I don't actually mind the redesign but either way, the levels system is the problem SYS has. 
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    Ok so maybe not totally identical but this was kollection outfit I was thinking of, the top and skirt in this bundle are really close to the new one.

    Yeah when I saw the newsletter I instantly thought the same thing, though I actually like both to be honest.
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    @kkhsimone I also got the survey (if they say we can post I will post mine bc it looks different) and it said no changes would be coming for the far future so I wouldn’t think it would be happening until maybe summer(?) idk 

    survey constantly said that it wouldn’t be in near future
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    I got the survey but I didn’t do it. Glu’s so cheap they won’t even offer me ten kstars for it and I heard from last time that they are really time consuming. I offer my feedback every day on the forum and it is totally ignored, why would I also do a survey for them to totally ignore? 
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    I don’t personally mind the earnables. I find myself dying all the flats I have because I need more casual shoes for the countless beach SYSes we have, as well as the slumber party, etc. I don’t think they’re of high quality but they really haven’t been since that one a week before Halloween that was covenish. I don’t expect Glu to “give” me nice items anymore. The gbs I also don’t really like. The hair is the least offensive but I dislike how chunky it is. The Kollection is underwhelming and I am saving my stars for Christmas boxes. I actually got super lucky and got wine red dye in the dye boxes a few days ago so I don’t even want to spin for that. 
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    So when does this event start?
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    Vidhi said:
    So when does this event start?
    the start and end etc is always at the start of the thread: Starts Friday, December 18th at 5 am Eastern
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    MoJo1230 said:
    @xBlossomx @robertavyy I find the best place for dates is the Monstrobull Center in LAX. The action “fine wine” only cost 4 energy but gives you a lot of hearts. Even if you only get 1 hour or 2 hour dates you will be able to finish them quickly without using too much energy and you can do numerous dates. I hope this helps you. 🤗
    Thanks so much I’ll definitely try this out 😊🙏🏽
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    My spouse is angry so I'm camped out in Oak 😏😏

    Earnables: I like that it's separates. I prefer the flops for k-stars in the kloset (these seems a little chunky) but they'll come in handy for a beach theme... like the one we just had... 

    GB: Panty pants? I like the hair. I also like the top for a beach theme... like the one we just had....

    Kollection: The detailing on the blue dress isn't great. Hair is similar to one in another kollection. I don't like the bundle at all 

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    Lmaoooo I know that isn’t Kim on the bustier?????

    it’s not supposed to give modern Renaissance???

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    The survey design is so pretty 🤩 but did y'all peep those 10,000 diamonds 🤣🤣
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    Thank you @sarie
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    I didn’t get the survey and I actually think I would’ve enjoyed giving my feedback 💀 no storylines and no survey for me 🙋🏽‍♀️
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    Idk about the re design but I definitely agree with having all those item in the closet for 1000 dollars that’s would be amazing and also love that rose gold die and that dress in the sys and the pony tail/braid  but would be cool also to divide the dress category I have to scroll forever to get to bottom so if they grouped it by mini midi and long would be cool 

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    I absolutely adore the Kollection, I’m surprised you guys don’t seem to like it! I’ll definitely take a few spins. 

    As for the event items, not a huge fan of the earnables but I like the GB clothes.. I just wish the pants weren’t see through, they’d be more versatile. Why do so many of the clothes have panties showing lately? I don’t like it.
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    I don’t like anything this weekend except for the earnable top & the gb hair... 😐
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    So they might just have put random numbers in there for the look, but 6 day SYS? And longer time for energy to regenerate? No thank you. In general I think the new design is a bit boxy, not a fan.. 

    Edit: *possible new design
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