🗳️🍾 SYS - 12/28/20 - NYE in NYC! Get Ready for the New Year!🎆✨

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What are your plans for the rest of the year?  Well, we've got our already in progress SYS, and our Weekend 5 Star Christmas Weekend has been going on for a few hours, Merry Christmas btw, or just Happy Friday.  I have the news about Monday's SYS!  Ya ready?

I know most of us are taking it easier. this year NYE in NYC will be via broadcast only.  But we've got plenty to keep us busy.  We may be barred from Times Square this year, but our dolls aren't!

Wind down the Clustercluck  of a year, 2020, with a fun filled SYS. Dress your doll for a night in Times Square, watching the ball drop.
This year, no spectators allowed, we'll be watching on tv and pretending we're there. SO what's a little more pretending?  Pretend it's your doll, is she performing on Stage? Is she at a fancy after hours party in an exclusive club?  I'm sure Kim's call will make it clear.
But in the meantime, I can give you the  other
Weekday SYS Theme - NYE in NYC
(New Year's Eve in New York City)
Event Starts Monday, December 28th @ 10am Eastern
Ends Thursday,  December 31st @ 10am Eastern
13 Free Tickets - 2 to Start
1 more every 6 hours
535 Pts wins the SYS Earners
Trendsetters based on Rank and Level
Good Luck and Have Fun!

Thread's Open!

If you are having trouble DO NOT UNINSTALL THE GAME!
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    MariahKKHMariahKKH Registered Users, Member 111 Posts
    wow look at me being one of the first to a new thread! Spoilers please! ❤️
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    IrisChanelIrisChanel Registered Users, Member 318 Posts
    Merry Christmas to all🎄🎄 and can’t wait to virtually celebrate NYE in NY🥳🥳
    Here for the fashion!
    You can add me on https://www.facebook.com/irischanel.kkh
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    DelphineGarnierDelphineGarnier Registered Users 4,828 Posts
    Merry Christmas to anyone who celebrates! I wish I had slept better Christmas eve night but bad weather made it hard for me to feel relaxed enough to fall asleep.
    Platform: Android

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    Emme1216Emme1216 Registered Users, Member 406 Posts
    In order:  Dress, Hair

    Why’s it so...thick?
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    therealChartherealChar Registered Users, Member 2,714 Posts
    Oh yay another week of accessories I'll earn 😤 
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    therealChartherealChar Registered Users, Member 2,714 Posts
    Though I love the hair I know I'll never get it 🙄 and I'm clocking less and less time into sys  because it's just disappointing to never get the full outfits 
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    brunakkhbrunakkh Registered Users, Member 1,307 Posts
    Those earnables 🥴
    IOS player
    🌸 be nice to each other 🌸
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    VictorianVictorian Registered Users, Member 1,110 Posts
    I am so torn. The earnable dress looks horrible but the hair is an interesting item. I have so many items that are nicer and give off the same vibe these earnables and TS were trying to give. What do you think I should do?
    Like: Fail on purpose to try to get a bronze box (I only want strawberry blonde from them but I want it so much because I don't have kollection rose gold in this game yet) 
    Lol: Reach the last earnable and pray for ticket buyers to go crazy so you get a silver or bronze box. 
    20 year old from Turkey & Android Player
    Striking untill they give everyone 20 videos a day
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    JulietaluciaJulietalucia Registered Users, Member 380 Posts
    Yeah... this ain’t it
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    achleyachley Registered Users, Member 18 Posts
    edited December 2020
    I can't believe they made Mugler look like this kokokokonut said:

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    iamkokoiamkoko Registered Users, Member 349 Posts
    The Miley look is hot...the Kylie look...not. This is a perfect week to use the zzz’s aura.🥱
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    NinishNinish Registered Users, Member 235 Posts
    ashleyy said:
    Everything they take from the Kendall and Kylie game always looks terrible in my opinion 🤢
    I had no idea they did that! That’s one of the laziest things I’ve heard about Glu!!
    Do you know what other items they’ve taken from that game?
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    clarizzoclarizzo Registered Users, Member 732 Posts
    i’m gonna sit this SYS out 🥴
    ✨iOS doll since March 2020 ✨
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    watermelonsugarhighwatermelonsugarhigh Registered Users, Member 1,383 Posts
    edited October 2021
    iOS player
    current level: 62
    on and off kkh player since 2014
    daily player since october 2020
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