I need to vent!

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TLTR: The game is a mess. All of it. 

   I am incredibly frustrated with this game's direction. It's become a chore and not something to do for fun. I say this after spending almost a year in my house and not having a social life.  I hate games where I have to grind to get ahead. Who has time for that or wants to look at their phone for that long? I started playing this game in 2014 and enjoyed it. It wasn't stressful or demanding. It wasn't a massive money grab. I wanted to play it because it was simple. Now it's just a mess. It's so messy I made an account on this message board to vent. It isn't only the SYS that I find messy it's a few things.

   First, I would like to mention how disappointing it is to see that it took six years for more skin tones to be included. I am glad I can have a nice orange skin tone tan now, but why did it take six years? I joke, but I am serious about the lack of inclusivity for everyone.  

   Secondly, the gameplay, in general, is annoying.  Before I reached the #1 spot of the "top stars," I'd stay there or drop down a few places. Now, weekly I drop 20+ spots only to grind again (yay, another house party) without even making it to the number 1 spot. So why bother? Same with dating and your reality tv show. You have to grind daily to either stay in the same position or go up one spot a week. So again, why bother? Who has the time or the game energy for that? It's one step forward and two steps back with the progress of this game. Before I felt like I was accomplishing something, now I feel like my tires are spinning. 

   Finally, I am annoyed with what seems to be the consensus with everyone, the money grab aspect. The cash on the game is worthless. If you want anything of value, you have to pay real money for stars or these ridiculous diamonds. Oh, and how can I forget the weekly tickets to try and even win anything decent with the SYS. Again why bother because only those with money will win because who can figure out the voting algorithm. It doesn't matter the theme; whoever has the most money, wings, crowns, and gowns will win! If this were an episode of Dragrace, Michelle would be seething, and you would be gone (I understand not everyone will get this reference, but it truly fits!) I have been looking on this board for a while, and I have seen some amazing looks get horrible scores. It's just boring to see the same old tired looks win. Time to play in the snow? Hold on; I need to grab my biggest gown, crown, and a set of wings. Tropical island vacation? Sounds nice; I have the perfect gown for that!  

   It's just disappointing to see a once fun and casual game turn into, well, this. So is this it? I don't see them going back or changing because why would they stop making money. Glu isn't worried about losing players because there are always new players with no real life and deep pockets right around the corner. Sigh.


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    @SassySaturn Everything you said is on point!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
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    Well said 👍🏻
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    The state of the game is just so sad. It's the only fashion game that's not, like, oriented at children, but now we pay the price for that. First they have a premium currency you can purchase but earn very easily too: very considerate, then an expensive membership: very offputting but easily ignored, probably a secure income so that's good, then they started with SYS tickets, which broke the spirit of the competition and gave everyone a bad taste in their mouth twice a week. Then they made a bunch of clothes out of their second premium currency that's only technically earnable. And what? They expect us to think they'll stop at that when they still have the $600 a year membership and won't fix SYS? And let their sole spokesperon and sole moderator take all the heat for it?

    Deer Hunter is Glu's biggest original mobile game and its users aren't treated like this. They use mobile game techniques that are to be expected, but they don't keep milking it until it's dry. Membership, sure. Diamonds? Can be done. But please just have an interest in making the game enjoyable. Forum users have given you so many ideas on how to make the situation better without losing your profit, we're honestly not asking for too much.
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    I don't know why it's so hard for them to make diamonds be easier to earn by watching videos or something... Now with every update we get more clothes you need to buy with diamonds which you can get only from the sys and it's like 4 a week... It's really not fair
    Also the game starts to be kinda boring already, i am A+++ and i have nothing to keep making gigs for... They need to make more levels 
    And also the Willow drama is so boring, we barely even get storylines with her but when we do it's always the same, we need to have more characters in the game
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      i completely agree with everything op said and the replies as well. even though i choose to not make microtransactions, it's still annoying having the money-grabbing aspects shoved in our faces such as the increase in diamond items in the closet. 
      i don't know if anyone has talked about this before, but i'd rather not see the vip partnerships when i open daily boxes. you'd think it would make better sense to have the free partnerships in the daily boxes for free players, but no, glu has to show mainly vip partnerships. it's a little annoying when you open a box and it turns out you can't open it because you don't have a vip membership.
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