⭐KK:H Weekend 4/9/21- 5Star Professional Weekend Event! ⭐



  • AmyMimiAmyMimi Registered Users, Member 2,017 Posts
    @SassyVoguette I really love how you’ve styled everything ! 💕😊 So pretty ! 
    iOS 😊
  • BoocketaBoocketa Registered Users, Member 662 Posts

    Belgrade player since 2018 / LVL 49 / iOS
  • haylee7haylee7 Registered Users, Member 378 Posts
    I’ve been so lazy with the game this weekend, but decided I must have the coat! I just finished & styled :) 

  • ChqrlotteChqrlotte New Member Registered Users 631 Posts

    Absolutely love the coat and boots!🤩
     ios player  ◡̈  free player

  • Madison101Madison101 Registered Users, Member 280 Posts
    I finished the event yesterday, I like the whole outfit, especially the bird!

    Level 29
  • therealsavannahtherealsavannah Registered Users, Member 122 Posts

    This has been a fun event! This earnables are so stylish🤩✨
  • SassyVoguetteSassyVoguette Senior Member Registered Users 1,503 Posts
    @AmyMimi tysm 🥺💕💋
    Vats has my heart. Forever. 💕

  • JadeLaMunecaJadeLaMuneca Registered Users, Member 555 Posts
    Equally horrendous 

    Don’t assume the worst of people. It’s hurtful. 
    Don't dig up a 2 week old thread to post a picture of a woman who is notorious for stealing the cultures of others in order to make a profit in an attempt to justify being rude about the in game hair. It's hurtful. 
    Daily player.

  • ShayShigilShayShigil Registered Users, Member 336 Posts
    edited April 26
    Those are.... still Bantu knots??? Just because a white person is wearing them? You’re still calling a hairstyle who’s tradition goes back hundreds of years in African culture ‘horrendous’. 

    People make assumptions based on someone’s actions and words and you have been insensitive about this same topic more than once.... if it walks like a duck... 

    @MissCristina instead of saying people are being hurtful why don’t you look inward and realize what you said was hurtful?
  • hanhanhanhanhanhan Registered Users, Member 153 Posts
    So are the mods going to ban @MissCristina for clearly being racist against Black hairstyles and trying to start an argument on the forum as those both break forum rules? @KalindaKing @kokokokonut

    Or will they be let off with a free pass just like other racists on the forum while POC members are gaslighted into believing we’re “disrespectful” without valid explanation and later on banned for no reason?

    Glu needs to seriously hire some POC moderators who actually care, this is unacceptable. 
  • bethwbethw Registered Users, Member 172 Posts
    @KalindaKing @kokokokonut please moderate this. It’s been 3 hours. 
  • KkhElenaKkhElena Registered Users, Member 639 Posts
    Girl is out here insulting a POC hairstyle and posts pics of a white woman wearing the same hairstyle as proof that she wasn't being disrespectful to someone else's culture? That has the same energy as a white person telling a black person that they wear POC hairstyles and slay in them when the POC is talking about how some of us cannot wear our culture w/o having the fear of getting fired, spitted on, called ghetto/ratchet/hood or unprofessional, being told that we're being distracting, even having the faculty try to cut our natural hair etc. etc. Like, can the tone deaf here actually try to listen to us instead of ignoring every point we make and brag about how obviously you're not gonna be treated the same way a POC is gonna be treated while wearing POC hairstyles? 😭💀Like deadass
  • KkhElenaKkhElena Registered Users, Member 639 Posts
    edited April 26
    Like deadass someone made the same ass arguments as I just posted before (before Char was unfairly banned) about how they slay in black/POC hairstyles while some of us were sharing our personal experiences about how badly we got treated as kids and even as adults WHILE wearing our traditional hairstyles. Don't y'all understand that, THAT is being tone deaf to the 100s? 
  • pristinepersonpristineperson Registered Users, Member 2,646 Posts
    edited April 26
    So wait... the comment was removed but the user still isn’t banned? Like these racist comments have got to stop.
    I’m assuming the user will slide and not a get a ban, not surprised.

    Koko or Kalinda, whichever one of you removed that comment still isn’t you doing better, give the user the right punishment. Please just stop ignoring what is happening and do things the right way, not your way, it’ll make things much more better.
  • KalindaKingKalindaKing Glu Moderator Moderators 4,843 Posts
    MissCristina was banned because they continued to break forum rules after they received a warning.
    Add your platform (ex. iOS/Android) to your forum signature & save your IDs so we can help
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  • hanhanhanhanhanhan Registered Users, Member 153 Posts
    Thank you. I’m pleased that finally someone was banned for being problematic and trying to start arguments, although a part of me is still disappointed it took this long to get the appropriate action (not just time wise, but that this many people had to ask for it and that this has happened multiple times before with other forum members who have not been banned). 

    Well. I guess its baby steps
  • jwawawajwawawa Registered Users, Member 155 Posts
    MissCristina was banned because they continued to break forum rules after they received a warning.
    @KalindaKing is it permanent or temporary when people are banned? Or does it vary?
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