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I just wanted to start a thread in regards to being sad about the game slowly fading. Ive been playing for 7 years now and have spent so much time and money playing. This game has gotten me thru depressed moments and really tough times in my personal life. I first downloaded the game back in 2015 when I had my first child. I was suffering from the baby blues very badly so I needed and outlet. This game allowed me to have my mental breaks and I enjoyed playing so much. If any one else feels the same ay I started this thread so we can all talk and share thoughts to lift one another up. Feel free to share thoughts, positivity and whatever is on your mind to vent about the game. Hopefully they see how much the game means to us and decide to revive it. Thank you xoxo 


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    I agree. I am praying they do something to keep it going. I’ve been playing since 2019.  I’ve tried other fashion games they’re just not the same. 

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    IwantaKorkonalaskaIwantaKorkonalaska Registered Users, Member 182 Posts
    quinnkkh said:
    I agree. I am praying they do something to keep it going. I’ve been playing since 2019.  I’ve tried other fashion games they’re just not the same. 

    Tbh they are not lmao. Not even the Britney, Katy Perry or Kendall and Kylie one.
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    Pandora's Box Arcade offers opportunities for customization, allowing you to make the system uniquely yours. From selecting custom button configurations to choosing personalized menu themes and wallpapers, you can tailor the interface to your preferences. Additionally, some versions of pandoras box arcade provide options for adding additional games or expanding the system's capabilities, giving you the flexibility to create a customized gaming experience that aligns with your individual tastes and preferences.

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    kkh_Katherinekkh_Katherine Registered Users, Member 3 Posts
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    Aww ... Thank you for starting this thread and sharing your story with us, @xoxo_joc! :')

    I first downloaded and played the KKH game back in July, 2014, which I think was at some time after KKH first came out. I too, enjoyed this game, because it gave me some form of escapism (and distraction) from my difficult times. At that time, I was feeling depressed from working for something I wasn't passionate about. I even hated the people working there. My former boss and manager kept bullying me and giving me a hard time at work. And what's more, I was feeling even more depressed, suicidal and hurt from being in a toxic abusive relationship.

    2 years later, I quit my job, I left that abusive relationship. I even left my hometown and migrated to a new country to pursue my dream job. And about one month after I migrated, I got my dream job! Hooray! :smiley:

    Fast forward 7 years, where it is now 2023, I am still working in my dream job, but in a different company, which I am still very happy! Because it's the job I always dreamed of having, ever since when I was a university student! :smile:

    The end! Lols! :blush:

    Oh, and I do still play KKH to this day, of course! But it's a shame that I haven't been playing it for over two weeks now, due to that white screen. So let's be optimistic and hope KKH will be fixed!  o:)
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