Glu coins

nagoyahnagoyah Registered Users 100 Posts
It should definately be easier to get glu coins. You get a few every xx rounds IF you're lucky, but thats only like one or two. Seeing the updates cost quite a lot it very much desired to get glu coins easier!


  • hardeyboyzhardeyboyz Registered Users 75 Posts
    i think this game is getting harder after level 60..
  • AshwinAshwin Registered Users 28 Posts
    I used Cheats to get unlimted glu credits
  • shujibhujishujibhuji Registered Users 3 Posts
    How come? Plus I even want to purchse but there is something wrong in the google play thing when I try to buy GLU coins within the game it gives an error while I put my credit card. Is there anyway to buy GLU coins for my game in my cell phone from Glu official website?
  • mtheadmthead Registered Users 266 Posts
    haha ashwin an honest cheat :)
  • tarmijetarmije Registered Users 1 Posts
    Can u please tell me what cheats for glu coins & how?
    Thanks, tarmije
  • Superadi9Superadi9 Registered Users 3 Posts
    At level 75 and up you won't need coins only gems to upgrade everything.there should be someway to use the coins no option for it as yet. They should facilitate buying of gems with coins as well. It's an expensive game overall to play.
  • Ron FrrecsRon Frrecs Registered Users 2 Posts
    Hmmm...interesting games but somehow it is too hard to get coin..anyway, if we can restart our game in any level, it would be great!!! Regret this and that after upgrading and buy with our money and coins, the fact is we can save those for other neccesities in this game..hopefully next game will give more clear instructions and explanations..huft..
  • noahawesomefehernoahawesomefeher Registered Users 1 Posts
  •[email protected] Registered Users 1 Posts
    Hi I'm a bit stuck on SvsZ could you tell me how to get unlimited glu coins please
  • Roms47159Roms47159 Banned Users 5 Posts
    i think this game is getting harder after level 60...
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