Review on Items in CKZ2: To use when you still don't have the big guns

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Here is a review on the items we use in CKZ2. I have ordered them based on what I think are their useability and how often you would normally use them in a mission. You may prioritize different items but, overall, these items should help us when we don’t have the big guns yet. Try not to hoard them since they are meant to be used.

Another tip. Any items you collect in a mission will not disappear when you die – unlike XP and cash. You still have these items and can use them in another mission. This is one way of getting free items and during the early part of my game, I use this to collect items.

Damage Boost – In my opinion, this would make a difference when you are facing a horde of zombies and a special zombie. Sure, it lasts for about 10-15 seconds but for that time your weapon can take on everything in its path. I mean, a ZRU-12 Advanced becomes a Mortara for the time being. You can kill a Smasher in no time, even if you do not have a grenade launcher. Here is something fun – get a Chainsaw, use a damage boost and see the zombie parts fly.

Beacon Grenade – This is one way to redirect a horde of zombies/special zombie away from you so that you have the opportunity to kill them/it. It can also be used when you need to escape/run towards the exit. Now, just make sure you throw it in the right direction. Or lay it nearby then move to another location. The explosion this grenade gives is a bonus in itself. Even if you don’t see it, it will explode. The real use of this item is to keep zombies away from you – especially the Bomber – when you still don’t have a grenade launcher.

Defibulator – This is one good way to stay alive when you know you are already dead. This is also the only way to revive a stupid survivor. Another advantage of this compared to the medikit is that even if you do not physically have one, you can spend glu gold to buy one. Also, all zombies nearby die when you revive but special zombies are not affected. Here are some reminders though. Your ammo does not refill when you die. Be careful as well when reviving you and another survivor. The last thing you need is you revive yourself only to have the survivor die on you – or vice versa.

Explosive Grenade – Your regular grenade minus the beacon. Throw it at a zombie and watch it blow up. This is by far the only item that you can buy with cash. Good for common zombies and weakening security guards. Don’t bother using this against a Smasher unless the zombie is close to dying. One challenge with this item – accurately throwing it at your target. The worst thing that can happen is you throw it at the wrong direction.

Medikit – Good to use in solo missions and gives you 100% health. Unfortunately, you can’t use it on a survivor. Other than that, there is nothing much to say about this item.

Comments and feedback welcome. Let me know if I missed anything or if you have a better way of using the items.
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