Heroes of Destiny FAQ

How do I move around the map?
Move your Party Icon around the map by tapping the destination location. New missions available to play are indicated by rays of light. Replayable mission locations are shown by fire and/or smoke. Some regions and missions on the map are locked. They can be unlocked by earning Mission Stars and completing certain missions.

How do I battle?
Move your Hero during battle by drawing a line to the target destination on the battlefield. Attack an enemy by drawing a line from your Hero to the enemy OR tap a Hero and then tap the enemy. You can heal allies in your party by drawing a line from a Healer to an ally. For the Healer to heal her/himself, draw a line away from the Healer and back to her/him in a continuous gesture.

How do I use skills?
Use your Hero's Skill by tapping a Skill icon on the top left corner of the screen. Some Skills have an effect only on the Hero and others are used on an ally or an enemy target.

What is An Area of Effect Skill?
An Area of Effect (AoE) Skill that affects an area of the battlefield has a triangle at the bottom of its Skill icon. Tap and drag the icon on top of the battlefield target to activate the Skill.

What is my Party Level?
Your Party Level is the total sum of level numbers of all the Heroes you've hired. You can unlock, hire, and assign Heroes through the heroes screen. Some heroes are unlocked based on your Party Level and you can earn Hero stat bonuses when you increase your Party Level.

How do I unlock, upgrade, or reset skills?
A Hero earns 1 Skill Point at each level-up, which can be used to unlock and upgrade the Hero's Skills. Skills are unlocked based on the Hero's level and Skill Point requirements. Bonus Skill Points can only be purchased for Gems at each level-up. Your Skill Points may be reset with Gems.

How do I get items?
Items can be purchased in the Store or earned on the battlefield as mission rewards.

How do I upgrade items?
Most items with the exception of accessories like jewels have 10 upgrade levels. The item becomes more powerful with each upgrade level. You can check the improved stats on an upgraded item in the Item Upgrade screen before you decide to upgrade. Up to 5 Elements are used for item upgrades. You can earn upgrade elements during battle or purchase them in the Item Upgrade screen.

What is the upgrade guarantee?
Upgrades require Coins or Gems, but only Gems guarantee a 100% upgrade success rate. If you use Coins, there's a chance the upgrade will fail and all Elements used for the upgrade will be lost. NOTE: the item you're upgrading will never be lost in the upgrade process.


  • dilg2012dilg2012 Registered Users 358 Posts
    Nice. Let me play this game to get questions and provide possible strategies.

    Quick question. Do you need to be connected to wifi to play the game?
    The Wolf Pack are my friends, like all others whom I have the pleasure to know. You have my respect because you deserve it - the same way I expect this respect from you as well.
  • rewandrewand Registered Users 588 Posts
    Guide links

    Item Guide
    DPH, Hero & Party level Guide
    Runic Item Guide here
    Items capabilities list (public spreadsheet)

    Suggestions regarding the spreadsheet:

    If you see an item there which you own but with different stats, don't just go deleting it add to it. The level's can be listed as 0/1/5/10 with corresponding capabilities scores like 100/105/125/150. Also note, the source of the item can make a difference in capabilities. Chest won items often have larger bonuses than battle won items.
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