Save data/profile issues? Look here first!

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I've copied this from the long brotherhood thread as it contains useful information for anyone dealing with profile problems. I have also added additional troubleshooting methods that should alleviate future problem scenarios.

Important! If you are experiencing problems accessing your save data or game accounts, please do not uninstall the game! Our server team is working diligently on recovering lost accounts but their success relies heavily on Gun Bros 2 players having save data present on their device.

Save Data
  • If you are experiencing issues with the game not loading properly (can’t get to the Main Menu):
    - Terminate and reboot the game (on iOS double-press the Home key to pull up the multitasking pane, tap and hold the GB2 icon, tap the red “x” to close the application, then reboot the game/with Android, Force stop the game from the Apps menu, and then reboot).
  • If you are still unable to proceed to the main menu after rebooting, please contact customer service at the link below. (Please have your game center or facebook ID available)
  • If you can advance to the Main menu but the Network Connectivity indicator (Red/Green antenna at the top of the display) is displayed as Red/Offline:
    - Check that you have a good wireless signal (connectivity can be spotty with Cellular data, so a good wi-fi connection is recommended).
    - Terminate and reboot the game.
  • If you have previously played GB2 with a network connection and the game is now booting to the Bro Select screen (where you choose Percy or Francis), try tapping the “Played Gun Bros 2 before?” button and then connect to a social network via the Login screen.
  • If you have reinstalled the game, depending on the actions taken during a previous install, there may be more than one way to restore your save data.
    1) If you were signed into Game Center, Facebook, or both during a previous install, launch the game and tap the "Played Gun Bros 2 before" button. Sign in using the same login information used during the previous install to download your save data.
    2) If you were not signed in to a social network during a previous install, sign out of Game Center/Facebook and launch the game. Your save data will be automatically downloaded during boot. Once you have downloaded your data, you may sign in to any social network at your leisure.
  • If the game is displaying the message “Gun Bros. 2 Account Error” at boot, please contact Customer Support, as indicated in the message.
If these problems persist, please contact Customer Support at: http://glumobile.custhelp.com/app/ask to submit a Customer Support ticket. For more details on submitting a ticket, please visit this thread here: http://ggnbb.glu.com/showthread.php?...reate-a-ticket

When submitting a Support ticket, if possible, please provide the email address for your Game Center and/or Facebook account, your GluID number (this can be found at the top of the About screen, in the Options menu) and a description of the issue that you encountered. Please also let us know if you have reinstalled the game since playing it, or if you have used the same account on multiple devices. You can even include a screen shot of your problem and any other information that could be helpful.

In regards to the Brotherhood populating your Friend’s Bros, the Brotherhood is refreshed at Boot and upon Resume (minimizing the app, and then restoring it after a few seconds). If the Brotherhood is not displaying Bros, check that the Connectivity indicator is Green. Then refresh the Brotherhood list.


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    GlamazonGlamazon Registered Users 498 Posts
    Thanks so much Mom!
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    Kush_snipesKush_snipes Registered Users 1,067 Posts
    I did the steps above and my data is still not returning from my gamecenter or facebook even though both say i am signed in. I know my data is stored because tommy friends it shows my character with great aemor and guns like before and on ym screen it says pick a bro, like percy or francis or if i ever played to click there and like i said im signed in and still data wont return
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    bproughbprough Registered Users 9 Posts
    Have the same problem and still waitng on my ticket from the weekend to be answered and submitted one for this also but with the slow response it is getting old. Yet they continue to throw out games left and right. I just want to play and not lose my data every few weeks. Please help
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    Waynehsu770Waynehsu770 Registered Users 16 Posts
    Last time I closed my game from the multi-tasking bar on the iPhone 5, my saved data from a period of time was lost. I had to spend 4 days to collect all my mods, armors and guns back. AND the Glu Customer Support did not reply my about my issue after a few days. WORST customer support EVER! And now, you want me to close my game from the multi-tasking bar? NO WAY!
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    TotallyNotSteveTotallyNotSteve Registered Users 221 Posts
    Last time I closed my game from the multi-tasking bar on the iPhone 5, my saved data from a period of time was lost. I had to spend 4 days to collect all my mods, armors and guns back. AND the Glu Customer Support did not reply my about my issue after a few days. WORST customer support EVER! And now, you want me to close my game from the multi-tasking bar? NO WAY!

    Hey, come on, guy. Don't be like that. I'll bring you a salad. It's pretty good. Good salad.

    Anyway, our customer support guys are very busy, so if they take awhile to get back to you, it's because they're working on other issues... and believe me, they work on all the issues, no matter how small. Once, we had some guy email us with questions about how to best train a ferret to ride a unicycle.

    I may have made that up, but you get the idea.

    If you're not happy with the proposed solution, though, try logging in to Facebook (on your computer) and uninstalling the Gun Bros 2 linkage. Relaunch the game, reinstall the linkage, and hopefully you'll have your issue resolved.
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    Marjon6Marjon6 Registered Users 6 Posts
    Problem solved...I uninstalled the Facebook app from my Ipad and then opened Gun Bros2. Within Gun Bros2, I selected to logged in to Facebook. NOW FINALLY Gun Bros stopped hanging up and actually let me log into Facebook. Next, I was prompted by Gun Bros2 that i needed to log out of either the Game Center account or Facebook. I chose to logoff of Game Center. Once that was done, Gun Bros 2 loaded my saved data and stuff I paid for...problem fixed, tell everyone the IPad Facebook app conflicts with Gun Bros2!
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    XenoXHostilityXenoXHostility Registered Users 1 Posts

    If anyone's having problems with corrupted data where for example you're getting stuck in the main screen being prompted to open a supposed free crate where there is none here's what you have to do.

    NOTE, This applies only if you had connected your game to facebook before.
    Go into your settings under iCloud and into the second last entry: Storage & Backup. Hit Manage Storage and now you have two options. Either delete all data related to Gun Bros 2 from all devices included in the problem (For me it was my iPhone and iPad). Or you will have to delete the iCloud Backups from all devices included (which is what I had to do).

    Now, before you start the app again, make sure you're disconnected from GameCenter. Upon starting the app, connect to facebook to actually get your corrupted save-file back. Now exit the App again and close it entirely and sever all connections to the internet. Now go back into the app. You'll still see the prompt to get a free crate, but this time you'll actually be able to select a free crate, after which you can proceed normally and turn on the internet again.
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    IHJ24IHJ24 Registered Users 1 Posts
    I have did all the steps I even uninstalled the app twice can u guys please restore my data
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    NedforspidnusNedforspidnus Registered Users 3 Posts
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