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FAQ for Gun Bros 2 (frequently updated)

I am unable to log into Game Center, Facebook or Gamespy:
The most obvious is to make sure you have internet connection when trying to connect to your Brotherhood. We do recommend that you have WiFi connection as the game needs to create your account on the server. We have noticed that when you are logging into Brotherhood social network for the first time, it can take a small amount of time before your Brotherhood list is populated. The system needs to find other players that play the game so their “Bros” can appear in your Brotherhood listing and depending on your contact list, the search can take longer. If you are using slow connection and or your device is slow, this can amplify the matching time.

Once you have logged into the social networking site from within Gun Bros 2, stay in an area with internet connection so the Bros list can be populated. The other friend must also have logged into a social network within the game in order for their Bros to appear on your list. Otherwise, just invite them to play.

On Android, I can't invite BROS from my Facebook
At this time, on the Android system, you can only invite other Gamespy player as Bros. The invite function for Android Facebook is not yet available.

Playing on multiple devices
The game is saved to the server through your social network login. If you log into the same social network account on a different device, you can play your game from one device to another. However, DO NOT play the game on both devices at the same time. This can, and does file corruption; we may not have a way to recover your saved game.
Important: after you finish playing, please gracefully exit the app by closing Gun Bros 2 or pressing the back button till you get to an exit screen. Please allow time for your device to upload the save game to the server before continuing the game on the other device.

How to increase Player’s Speed(SPD):
The player’s Speed (SPD) will only increase by finding new armor pieces that provide a speed increase. To get armor pieces with speed, you can either find new armor pieces that have speed or purchase crates with armor pieces in them.

Color Barrier (Macbook)
At this time, color barrier is not available in the game. This feature should be available in the next update.

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    Francis wrote: »
    How to increase Player’s Speed(SPD):
    The player’s Speed (SPD) will only increase by finding new armor pieces that provide a speed increase. To get armor pieces with speed, you can either find new armor pieces that have speed or purchase crates with armor pieces in them.

    Pants! Glorious pants!

    No, seriously, pants will add to your SPD more frequently than other armor will.

    Either that, or I just love me some pants...
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    What are my Bro Stats?

    Experience (XP) can be earned multiple ways:
    - killing enemies in Campaign Missions or Endless Mode.
    - completing Campaign Missions quick enough to earn a Bronze, Silver, or Gold Star Mastery.
    - bronze chests found in campaign missions may contain XP rewards
    If you earn enough experience your bro will increase in level. Each level up will increase the overall health points (HP) of your bro and award warbucks.

    Health points (or HP) determine how much damage you can take from enemy attacks in game. You can increase your HP by leveling up or by finding new armor in Campaign Missions. When you find a piece of armor for the first time, a permanent bonus will be applied to your bro. Bigger bonuses are awarded by finding complete sets. (You do not have to wear the armor to receive the bonus and you can even sell the armor while retaining all awards)

    Bro speed (or SPD) determines the base value for how fast your bro can move during game. You can increase your SPD by finding new armor in Campaign Missions.

    Tell me about the Brotherhood!
    Connect with friends through Game Center and Facebook; any friend who is also playing Gun Bros 2 will have their bro appear in the Brotherhood.

    Game center friends can be added by tapping the “Invite Game Center friends” button in-game or through the game center app.

    Facebook friends will automatically have their bro added to your brotherhood.

    Hire your friend’s Bro to take over for the AI bro for any single game session in Campaign Missions Mode or Endless Mode. A friend’s bro can only be hired once every 24 hours, but this timer can be avoided for a small warbuck fee. Any barrier colors and Mods equipped on your friend’s Bro will be used during your game session. In addition, every player has access to three default bros for daily use. Quentin, Monty, and Chester each have unique loadouts to help in your next session when your friend’s bros are recuperating.

    What is Campaign Mission Mode?
    Enemies in Campaign Missions will drop various loot crates; Bronze, Silver, or Gold. These loot crates contain bonus XP and Xplodium, but you will also find new Armor to power up your bro stats, and Mods to add to your gun for more devastation. The farther you proceed through Campaign Mission mode, the better Armor and Mods you will find.

    Enemies become harder with each new mission as their stats such as “damage” and “health” will increase; however, you will also see XP and Xplodium payouts increase when defeating enemies.

    If you complete a mission fast enough you will earn a Bronze, Silver, or Gold Mastery Star which will give your bro some extra experience. The first time you achieve a Gold Mastery Star for each mission you will also receive a bonus Gold crate which contains the rarest Armor and Mods.

    Each mission also contains enemies with different colored shield barriers (red and blue). Make sure you add the correct barrier colors to your guns before entering a mission; you can view the “Barrier Warning” section on the pre-mission screen to see which colored shield barriers enemies are using in the selected mission.

    What is Endless Arcade Mode?
    Endless Mode lets you tackle hordes of enemies either by yourself or with a friend through a multiplayer connection feature.

    Enemies in Endless Mode will continuously get more difficult as their health, damage, and speed will increase as you progress through each round. However, XP and Xplodium received from killing enemies also increases.

    Aside from earning XP and Xplodium quickly, you can also earn an Endless Mode high score. Every enemy killed will increase your score, but if you kill more enemies in a row without being hit you’ll increase your Kill Streak and rack up lots of points towards your total score. Endless Mode high scores are posted to a global leaderboard so see if you can be the top Gun Bro by earning the best score!

    Unlock new Endless Mode challenge levels by completing Campaign Missions:
    Complete Campaign 1 “PAY BACK” to unlock Endless Challenge 1
    Complete Campaign 2 “THE REFINERY” to unlock Endless Challenge 2
    Complete Campaign 3 “BROS ON FIRE” to unlock Endless Challenge 3

    What achievements can I get?
    Cannon Fodder: Kill 100 enemies
    Ravager: Kill 500 enemies
    Gun Baby: Complete Campaign 1 (PAY BACK)
    Getting Stronger: Complete Campaign 4 (BRO-SASSINATION)
    Fear my Bro: Complete Campaign 7 (BRO-POCALYPSE)
    Scratch my Back: Team up with another bro in Multiplayer Endless Arcade mode!
    Gussied: Collect a matching set of armor
    Upgrade: Upgrade a gun
    No Object: Spend over 10,000 Xplodium
    Broteus Maximus: Collect 1,000 Xplodium in one play of Endless Arcade mode
    Friend Indeed: Add 1 bro to your Brotherhood
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