some feature additions

arzenearzene New MemberRegistered Users 9 Posts
I think it will be nice to have:
  • Survival mode
  • Graphics quality setting, in case of low performance
Please also raise the item drop rate or reward rate, if possible.

Any other suggestions are welcome. :-)


  • panicyongpanicyong New Member Registered Users 2 Posts
    I want unequip item....
  • SuperTeemoWinsSuperTeemoWins New Member Registered Users 3 Posts
    panicyong wrote: »
    I want unequip item....

    What I do when I need to change equipments like for example, I need to swap Thea's equipments to my other healer is buy a cheaper equipment from the store (gold ones not runes) but it isnt advisable since it will still cost you some money and you don't want to waste your precious gold you've been farming so long. So what I always do now is stack some equipments, particularly those eqs. that I'm sure I'll be needing for equipment swapping and use it to unequip my certain gear when I need to.

    I know that's not the best solution but atleast a temporary fix for equipping/unequipping gears and weapons, Hope it helps!
  • QwaldQwald New Member Registered Users 14 Posts
    I would also like more details on the Heroes pannel. For exemple the overall stats. We see a message after every 5 levels that there is a stats increase for every heroes, but we have no details about that. It would be nice to also have details about how much speed increase we have, critical chances, dodge chances, casting speed, etc. There is a lot of stats, but it's not showing anywhere beside the equipment themselves.

    There is also a few issues about item drop balancing, but I'm sure it's being checked already.

    Another nice addition would be an average group level for each missions. Sometimes, the 3 stars mission is WAY harder than the 2 stars one, and sometimes, the Elite missions doesn't seems that elite. Once again, it's all about balancing and should only get better.

    Last thing I wish to say is : This is probably the best game I've played on Android so far! Good job guys.
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