Upgrade with Xplodium?

jonnyboi51jonnyboi51 Registered Users 16 Posts
Is it possible to allow us to upgrade our guns with earned Xplodium? Also if not, allow us to earn War Bucks in endless and campaign modes! I have bought some War Bucks for 5 bucks and it didn't seem to get me anywhere. Also the Guns that require War Bucks to purchase are EXTREMLY expensive. I don't have 50-200 dollars to spend on a gun that I might not even like!:( also I have completed the game in campaign mode with all gold stars except the very last mission,(Silver star) do you have more missions coming? Seems a lot more basic than the first one. Thanks:)


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    gerggerg Registered Users 4 Posts
    Without any daily bonuses or other challenges to earn warbucks, the higher end weapons are ridiculously overpriced.
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