What's happening...?

Mr XMr X Registered Users 1 Posts
I can't get into my CK-game, because when I'm trying to start the game, all that happens is that I get Modern War- free download advertisment on top of "infomap-page" again and again and again...
Yesterday I clicked "No thanks" (or something like that) more than 100 times, and it just kept poping up...
Any help...?


  • jessie88jessie88 Registered Users 8 Posts
    I get the same thing an was trying to use glu credits
  • Duude MeysteirDuude Meysteir Registered Users 4 Posts
    Yeah I've had that. Turn your phone off and back on.... if that doesn't work re-install and see if that helps. If you have a computer open your phone files and save you glu ck stuff before you uninstall and re-install to be safe.
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