contract killer

mysteriousmysterious Registered Users 1 Posts
how can i earn the coin free ?

i tried to rigester but i could not

i need an explain about how i can rigester by using my gmai

on my mobile (SAMSUNG)


  • Duude MeysteirDuude Meysteir Registered Users 4 Posts
    So you can buy coins, get a few for free for installing and running other specific glu games. When you're in the store click the icon for ...... wait for it..... free glu credits lol. Sorry its late and I'm a bit fiesty but I digress. Also you can get credits for playing the game everyday for 7 days. Well its more complicated than that but basically on each new day you get a bonus and on the 7th you get a random present which can be credits. The first 6 are coins I believe. Hope that helps
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