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When playing online and the other player has a mic and we try to talk the game volume over powers their voice so they have to tell at me so I could hear the and they need to do the same. I think you guys should add a options tab to the pause menu for campaign and endless so when we play online and we can't hear each other we could easily mute music and sound effects if we want to like the last gun bros . I know the effects and music get lowered when the other person mic is active but just a idea that I think would go great for multiplayer gamers like myself that like talking and meeting bros and getting to know them . And the reason I don't disable them before playing multiplayer is because maybe the person I am about to play with does not want to activate their mic so I would like to hear the game so can you guys please add some function to the pause menu or screen so if we chose we can disable the sound effects and music while in ga,e like the old game and other glu games I have played . Thank you for reading and giving me your attention
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