GLU coins

Is there some way to farm them? Even if slowly...

I've completed the first mission on the hardest difficulty to get GLU coin and i was supposing that i could have farmed them replaying the old missions as they recharge but sadly i was wrong.
So what i would like to understand is if we're forced to buy them in order to get all the bonus characters.


  • drwicedrwice Registered Users 8 Posts
    I'm about a third of the way into the game, and so far I didn't find any way to farm them..
  • MaragostMaragost Registered Users 60 Posts
    I really hope they will do something about it. A way to farm GLU coins or to be able to buy characters with game money.
    Of course they must take money somewhere, especially because the game is free. But between making you farm for weeks and forcing you to pay....the step seems just too long.
  • scape211scape211 Registered Users 45 Posts
    There is a way to farm gems; Tapjoy.

    I have used Tapjoy and i bought 2 gem characters, numerous extra skill points, and am about to get another gem based hero today.

    If you haven't used Tapjoy, its decent though it can be somewhat time consuming. Basically, you go to, make an account and attach it to your device. It will then show what games/apps you can earn stuff for. Heroes of Destiny should be on the list. Choose it and it will show you a list of offers you can complete for gems.

    I normally stick to free offers; downloading free apps and starting them, syncing things to my facebook, and non-credit card based sign ups. I think i have had about 1000 gems over the course of a few weeks. Not as fast as real money, but certainly faster than farming in-game.
  • GlamazonGlamazon Registered Users 498 Posts
    You can also check out this thread here for help:
  • scape211scape211 Registered Users 45 Posts
    Glamazon, is Glu gold only connected to android players? I play on my iphone and i only see gems.
  • QwaldQwald Registered Users 14 Posts
    I don't know about iOS platforms, but I know that I get most of my glu credits (android version of the gems) from bro guns daily rewards. I can get around 50 credits per week.
    I just don't know if they gems are linked on iOS platform. You might want to try that.
  • FrancisFrancis Registered Users, Moderators 591 Posts
    scape211 wrote: »
    Glamazon, is Glu gold only connected to android players? I play on my iphone and i only see gems.

    IOS games have different names for currency. Some refer to it as Gold and some as Gems. the term "credits" is usually used for most Android games. Please note that iOS games do not share any currency, each game control its own unlike Android.

    Please let us know if you need further details on a specific game.
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