Skills: Thea needs a boost

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I have a party level of about 125 and have been enjoying HoD. This post is a suggestion for boosting Thea, and to make her more unique in healing. Thea needs some buffs to keep up with Tlanac. As it is, Tlanac can be useful for combat casting and healing. If Thea is meant to be focused on healing, let her heal more effectively through skills. An alternative would be to grant her a heightened ability to crit when healing.

Her healing circle applies a one time burst of 80 hp to a circular region, then 300 hp when fully spec'ed. Why not increase the amount of healing to 160 instead of 80 initially, decrease cool down time and/or allow it to eventually hit all party members? Tlanac has healing aura which heals the region for 60hp/sec for 15 seconds when maxed...this is an amazing boost to accelerate party healing.

Thea has sun shield which is generally wiped away by one or two hits. This should absorb more damage and last longer. This is true when 200 damage is quickly dealt by enemies; it could be better. In my party, she is level 19 and roughly heals for 175 using her orb and stick, and Tlanac does about the same. Tlanac grants a shield which returns up to 100% of enemy damage. This is a useful skill for damaging enemies and for having potential to complete quests when all are defeated.

Thea's Astral force knocks back enemies and stuns them for 3 seconds. I use it when she is attacked, but I'd really like to see this stun boosted to 6 seconds or affect a larger area. Perhaps this could be combined with sun shield to radiate a repulsion field. If so, give Thea a new skill which applies a healing boost to party members, such as 20%-75% amplification when healed (this could also be added to healing circle). Tlanac's tornado is amazing in duration & damage, and permits him a chance to finish quests when the rest of his team have been defeated. Thea would benefit from a damage dealing skill for these situations.

Overall, a superb game, and many thanks to the creative Devs!!! Great work.

I have more ideas on items, training and screen layout which I'll post eventually...

(such as: add portraits of party, with hp, to bottom of battle screen so they can be quickly tapped or targeted instead of trying to directly touch them which becomes difficult in a crowd.)
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