Beat Blood and glory 2 now what?

goro3dgoro3d Registered Users 26 Posts
I finally beat blood and glory 2 and with all 3 stars on every challenger so whats next?
I hope glu adds more stages and weapons etc...!
I guess I can just continue killing and killing and killing lol!
Kinda boring as none of the AI are a challenge any more I guess I could just fight the final boss and get better armor helms shields etc but it will take a long time lol I just hope stage 70 isn't the final stage of Blood and Glory 2 I know glu can add more!


  • wacamoewacamoe Registered Users 61 Posts
    Try Death Dome. It is a game in a similar style.
    happy gaming
  • GlamazonGlamazon Registered Users 498 Posts
    wacamoe wrote: »
    Try Death Dome. It is a game in a similar style.

    Ah, great recommendation! Dragon Slayer is similar as well.
  • goro3dgoro3d Registered Users 26 Posts
    Ya I tired it and its not that great I love the more style and gameplay of Blood and Glory.
    Just something about B&G that makes me coming back for more but ya not a big fan of Deathdome didn't really do it for me but was hoping for somethiong better but its not terrible just something is missing not sure what.
    Also that Dragon game also didn't do it for me but hopefully a blood and glory 3 is in the works!
  • Victory! Congratulations! Which equipment did you use to defeat the final opponents?
  • goro3dgoro3d Registered Users 26 Posts
    well with the 500 rubies I got the best AXE I could and it dealt 5000+ per hit
    Legendary axe called gemini and after multiple hits I took out the king that I do many times a day now lol its quite fun :)!
  • hoangphuc827hoangphuc827 Registered Users 1 Posts
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