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PAOLEMIUSPAOLEMIUS Registered Users 24 Posts
I have a couple of ideas concerning gems. Since you've paid real money for them, I'll be nice if you can make use of them longer.
For example:

- when you spend gems for an item (in the market or for upgrade) you should get them back when you sell that item.
- Add an option to restart the game. As your characters comes back to level 1, you should get back all the gems spent in the previous game.

And, please, add an option to buy the second skill points even after training. Some of my characters are not fully upgraded and I (we) don't think to delete the game in order to start for level one again.

In my opinion you'll be more propelled in buying gems, at least I'll be more propelled in buying gems. For example, I could decide to invest in a mega pack, play with a strategy, then restart with another kind of building.


  • scape211scape211 Registered Users 45 Posts
    I agree with the skills points especially. I think they should still be offered after the level up. However, maybe make them more expensive if we wait until after; like each skill point cost 7 or 8 gems instead of 5. That way its still beneficial to do it right away, but we don't have to start over from scratch if we miss some. My tiberius is way underpowered now so I've switched to Fel'mor simply because i have given him every double skill point. I'd love an option to get Tiberius up to speed.

    Also, I can see why people would want some gems back for bought items. Maybe they can get at least a third of the gems spent?
  • AoideAoide Registered Users 2 Posts
    Totally agree with double skill points. I think many players as I didin't know at the beginning, that there's leel cap and it's only 31. Now I would be buying every skill point, but my heroes are already 25-29 levels, so in next areasI won't be able to progress.what I suggest, is to leave option for double skill points, when the skills are reseted. After each skill point that we add to skill, there should be opportunity to double them.
    In other way, this game wouldn't be interessting, for such a players with mistake like me. And also thats additional gem spending. So it's good and for players and for glu.
  • BonesIIIBonesIII Registered Users 12 Posts
    Great idea of getting gems back for sellling items bought with gems. Seems fair. But whats fair git to do with it with these guys. The game is about making money. Once again, i wont suggest this game due to pricing issues and time issues.
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