Brazilian version and a few other things

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Well, I'm brazilian and I really enjoy playing this game. It has great graphics and stuff, but I believe there are some things that should be corrected. I know the staff must be working hard on this, on reading all the posts here (although there aren't that many), but here in Brazil we don't get the results. I downloaded this game about one and a half week ago and never got any update on it. I already saw people commenting here that the training times were lowered and some other things were changed. I would like to have access to them.

And I would like to have the possibility of changing the language of my game. The translation you guys made is fantastic, but portuguese is ugly as shit for gaming, the names are just weird. I have always played games in english, and would like an option to keep doing it this way ;)

It would be nice too if the chance of the okulos retargeting were lowered, as the chance of that weird and assimetrical big purple thing using fear.

Aside those things, I would like to remind: please make the heroes cheaper! I want to buy the skull guy that drains life, but i wont pay R$ 40,00 (brazilian cash) in it. It'd be cool too if rings and capes could be dropped.

Great job on making the game,
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