Enemy suggestions

NyanCatTheoryNyanCatTheory New Member12 PostsRegistered Users
Some people wants new enemies for the game so maybe I would like to share my new enemy suggestions. Here are my enemy suggestions

1)Mauler a weak crawling enemy with low health but if not killed quick enough it would pounce on one of your allies and start killing them (just like the hunter from left 4 dead)

2)Necromancer an enemy that spawns new enemies but weak

3)suicide bomber enemies that carries a bomb and blows up killing nearby victims

These are my enemy suggestions if you wish to share yours you can reply the suggestions you thought of
If I thought of another enemy suggestions I will update them:P


  • HoloScoutHoloScout New Member 18 PostsRegistered Users
    Just so you know, there already is a kamikaze-type enemy in this game.
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