Stats of all the guns that i have at max level (lvl30)

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Just thought that i would share a list of all the guns that i have purchased and upgraded to lvl30 which is the current max. Please post any that are missing and i will add to list with credits. Ty and enjoy

Trainer Elite G-2 lvl30 pwr-237 (rifle)
Threedom Fighter lvl30 pwr-475 (spread)
Sucker Punch lvl30 pwr-634 (shotgun)
The Mauler lvl30 pwr-951 (chain gun)
Li'L Sparky lvl30 pwr-951 (laser)
Madder Dogs lvl30 pwr-951 (pistols)
Sawtooth Pulse lvl30 pwr-1903 (rifle)
Massacre lvl30 pwr-1903 (shotgun)
The Slammer lvl30 pwr-2855 (rocket)
Soul Eater lvl30 pwr-2855 (laser)
Muffler lvl30 pwr-3807 (spread)
Vegeance lvl30 pwr-3807 (pistols)
The Hammer lvl30 pwr-3807 (shotgun)
A.C.E. Destroyer lvl30 pwr-5710 (rocket)
Path Maker lvl30 pwr-7614 (rocket)
Death Forge lvl30 pwr-7614 (chain gun)
Orbliterators lvl30 pwr-7614 (pistols)
Fire Drake lvl30 pwr-9835 (rifle)
Thumper DX9 lvl30 pwr-11421 (chain gun)
Throcket lvl30 pwr-15228 (rocket)
Skull Krakr lvl30 pwr-15228 (shotgun)
Spitfires lvl30 pwr-17132 (pistols)
Spheremonger lvl30 pwr-17132 (chain gun)
Snarler lvl30 pwr-22842 (laser)
Sharkettes lvl30 pwr-45685 (pistols)
Spread Eagle lvl30 pwr-45685 (spread)
Lockdown lvl30 pwr-45685 (beam)
Mantis lvl30 pwr-57107 (chain gun)
P-001 Incinerator lvl30 pwr-68525 (epic)
Death Piston lvl30 pwr-82234 (epic)
Devil's Paintbrush lvl30 pwr-93655 (epic)


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    Kush_snipesKush_snipes Registered Users 1,067 Posts
    Nice gun collection . I have them all upgraded too but ofcourse i use the last 2 weapons cuz they show as the most power xD
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