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first post.. I don't exactly know if this is in the correct forum or not, but I think it most likely is, as if there's not an area for my question, then I guess this could be counted as a suggestion?
I've noticed that over the time that I have been playing this game (party level 190 going on 197 now), that it has been updated a few times, and I've noticed a few changes (e.g. training times shortening). Would it be possible for there to be an area in the forum where each update that occurs gets entire coverage and all details of it are given? For example, for each update that get's released, there to be a post or somewhere to tell the players exactly what has been updated? Like "Training times have now been shortened to half of what they previously were"? That would be quite useful I think.. And if there already is an area where this has already been done then could someone tell me where it is located? Thanks in advance and sorry if this is in completely the wrong place or if this is wrong..



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    Hi Snorr,
    This is the right place for such a suggestion! We usually do news announcements for major updates, however, small changes are usually tested in more of a "roll out" fashion, so we often won't announce until a while after some people have seen changes. If there are major changes that are implemented globally, we'll be sure to announce. Thanks for joining the forums!
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    Hi Glamazon,

    Thanks for the reply and that does sound sensible,

    thank you. =)
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