Changes and recommendations

krag80krag80 New MemberRegistered Users 4 Posts
1) i like the new changes, especially rewards for playing consecutive days and the multiple party leveling ability now.
2) The drops of items has to be better. I cant beat a level unless i buy a weapon from the store then i upgrade it to level 4 or 5, this weapon is better than the weapon i eventually get from that level (ie the rare weapon)
3) more drops for the purple gem, the % of succesful upgrading of weapon is just too small not to drop more of the purple gems so we can try to upgrade our weapons more.
4) More promotions of half off heros or weapons.
5) Add a charm for say poison resist.
6) it is almost impossible to get any charms or necklaces for our characters where are they
7) increase the leveling to more than 31
8) at milestones, such as level 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 allow for double point assigment.
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