how to increase defense rating?

stevonyc34stevonyc34 New Member2 PostsRegistered Users
can anyone share some ideas as to how to increase defense rating? i use kunoichi.
defense rating is at 4157. ive seen some players with ratings in 8000.
thanks in advance.


  • Ann FrancesAnn Frances Junior Member 51 PostsRegistered Users
    If you click on your defence number your table of defence will come up just try clicking and changing all in your defence and see what the numbers come up at, it will give your best combination that way, will take a bit of time but worth it ..
  • Kush_snipesKush_snipes Senior Member 1,067 PostsRegistered Users
    Every time i click that defense sign with the numbers my app crashes (multiplayer also crashes when loading online game)
  • hardeyboyzhardeyboyz Junior Member 75 PostsRegistered Users
    Upgrade tower..bell..river ghost at defensive heroes..upgrade skill..
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