YOU VOTE: Which zombie holds the title for creepiness??

A-GameA-Game New Member4 PostsRegistered Users
Vote by replying to this thread! Which Zombie wins your vote for creepiness factor?

I vote: Small Oni!



  • Kush_snipesKush_snipes Senior Member 1,067 PostsRegistered Users
    Will need to check out the zombies and i will post here who i think is the creepiest of all
  • nagoyahnagoyah Experienced Member 100 PostsRegistered Users
    Guess it's easier on a larger screen to judge this, seeing I'm only playing on my Samsung GS3, but for now I would say the wave #60 blue boss looks kinda ugly. For creepiness, well, I'd say the healers aka onibaba are quite creepy. Those or the licking ones aka akaname.
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