Weapon Specials

EijasEijas Registered Users 16 Posts
I was wondering does the game stop putting weapons on sale that it knows you can afford? Like if I have two hundred and twenty-four gold will the widowmaker stop going on sale because it knows I can buy it without adding money?


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    ArcokaneArcokane Registered Users 2 Posts
    This was what I thought too. But then I remembered when I first played the game (and had 0 gold), those 50% off adverts were appearing anyway. I remember feeling dismayed that I couldn't take advantage of those offers.

    Now I own almost all the weapons :)
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    dilg2012dilg2012 Registered Users 358 Posts
    The game for all intents and purposes puts in ads for weapon specials specifically for those who have not yet purchased these weapons. Now all we need is a good major update to keep us interested in the game.
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    HowardSedHowardSed Registered Users 2 Posts
    If I send u a part number for a Weapon R piece for my RX7 can u get those? I will do some research for the part number but I think they make a tq brace for my RX7 and I will need one for that
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