Alliance missions?

The new update should have alliance missions... How can you trigger them?
I'm not able to find any of them.


  • Graz73Graz73 Registered Users 11 Posts
    You mean the missions that allow you to "team up" with the premium characters? I was able to do one, but none of the other icons did anything new.
  • aleealee Registered Users 29 Posts
    The term that Glu uses in English is "Team Up Missions". Anyway, I was wondering how they'd show up until I read Graz73's post. Then I went to the various heroic missions, and found that the first Fel'mor mission had become a team up mission. I played that, but the special offer to hire Fel'mor was the same as the normal offer, so I passed. The second Fel'mor mission was now a team up mission, and I played that, and got the same offer. I'm not getting any team up missions now. Maybe there will be new ones available at the same time that I get the daily gifts and the new weekly missions. It would be nice if the "special offer" to hire a hero was actually special.
  • PAOLEMIUSPAOLEMIUS Registered Users 24 Posts
    Thanks, your are right. As you noted, Fel'mor special offer is not so special... :)
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